He’s finally gone!

I’m just kidding, I’m not really happy the zombie killer is out of the house just for the sake of him being out of the house. I just slack off when he’s home; The cleaning, school work, everything gets put on hold. I’m not sure why really, it just does..even when he’s NOT sick or injured. It’s like this every weekend.

Today I’ve been able to get the vacuuming done downstairs (minus our bedroom) and a fair amount of baking. I made a strawberry pudding pie, and have another crust to bake and freeze, a loaf of bread is rising now, burger buns are ready for tonight’s dinner (venison burgers) and I have biscuit dough in the fridge to make chicken pot pie tomorrow (a double batch so I can freeze one of the pot pies).

Back to the man, on Monday he came home early because the back issues that started last Thursday finally got the best of him. Little Sizzling Hiney kicked him in the back accidentally Thursday night and pain ensued. By Monday morning he was having spasms so intense he would fall to the ground so 10am came around and they told him to go home. Home he came, picked us up and we headed to urgent care who upon taking one look at him moving said get him to the ER, they couldn’t do anything for him.

On to the ER and we waited, and waited; oh it was just me and the girls waiting. Seems there is a new policy that kids can’t go back unless they’re the patient and or there is only one adult. Nonsense, the rooms are separated and have doors and curtains so I don’t get it. The nurse who took him back to his room (he was in a wheel chair) told him to get changed for x-rays and left…not seeming to care that he required help to stand up (to say nothing of actually moving), another reason I was irritated at being unable to go back with him.

It wasn’t a long wait, we got there around 3pm and left around 6:30. He was diagnosed with a swollen spine (spinal Spondylosis)and told he has a slipped disc in his lower back). Holy crap no wonder he’s in pain! Muscle relaxers, pain pills, and steroids were prescribed and the picture below is how he spent most of the next few days.

Zombie Killer asleep w/ a stuffed yoda while old man cat watches over him.

He’s back to work today and wearing a back brace which hopefully will lessen the occurrences of any future back issues. The company even let him use his vacation days so his check wouldn’t be a total flop. Using vacation days this early in the year-is that wise? Well that’s where the other news of this past week comes in.

He went to a job interview on Thursday with what sounds like a great company, and the biggest factor is it’s closer! No more driving to the city! The interview went well and they told him they would let him know either way, that was the end of that until this week. They called and want him to come to work! Even willing to give him the two weeks he requested to leave the current job on good terms, so finally things are looking up. It’s a bit sad to think of him leaving the current company, despite the troubles w/ money they have been great to him over the years but it comes down to what’s best for US and that’s moving on, but not burning the bridges.


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