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Spring is coming


I think spring and winter are having a hard time right now. I’m sitting on my porch, the windows are open, the kids are in short sleeves it’s gorgeous (the windy is a bit chilly) and yet at night it’s still quite frigid. I’m getting anxious, planning gardens, cleaning up the porch, and hot tub and just read to get into the swing of things again. The girls have started digging and pulling weeds, getting the front bed ready for the red, white, and blue gladioli plants I’ll be putting in.

This winter has been very hard on us, for many reasons and it’s almost as if we’ve hibernated for the past few months.

  • School work as usual slacked as we curled up under blankets and read our stacks of books from the library. We slept much more than we usually do, which oddly enough seemed a common trend for a lot of friends as well.
  • We had many issues with water pipes freezing and busting which will be wrapped in heat tape this spring/summer so it’s prevented next year.
  • We had an animal (I suspect it was the same opossum we’d rescued from our toilet) take up residence in our cellar but we adopted a live and let live and just left it there to hide out from the weather.

At the beginning of this month we had a terrible accident, in which our only running vehicle was totaled. It was just after midnight on a Sunday and we’d all fallen asleep watching Down Periscope in the living room when the oldest woke us up saying there was an accident out front. A drunk driver going approx 60mph (in a 25) slammed into my car which flipped and spun around facing the opposite direction.

The driver and passengers were not hurt, but both cars were destroyed. Now that’s a bad enough thing to happen but the salt in the wound was this car was my moms car; she passed in 2010 and we’d kept it and the vanity plates she’d maintained for 20+ years. Now I can’t just keep those plates and put it on the next car we get (ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, maintain full coverage insurance) because the connection has been taken.

I can’t not even describe how fortunate we are despite this. While I have full coverage, it reimburses the losses which means if we had to rent a car for the Mr. to get to and from work it would be our money up front and they would repay us. That was not an option, but immediately upon hearing what had happened the Mr’s boss asked if he needed to borrow a truck so that issue was covered and now we’re in a waiting game on getting a pay out to buy a new car. I think the worst part for me was watching the girls sobbing at the loss of the car that they rode around in, with grammy, and sang nursery rhymes.

I know I’m supposed to be grateful that nobody was seriously hurt and I was at first, but now I’m beyond furious that a 22 year old fool could so easily have killed someone. That our lives could’ve been destroyed (no ride to work=no money=no mortgage payment=homeless) because he couldn’t just stay home and drink with his friends.


You might have noticed that the .com address is no longer valid, and it will not be renewed. I’ve maintained this blog for a few years with the same name and I won’t be changing it BUT it also is not a current representation of us as a family, and our homeschool journey. So no sense paying to maintain it. We’ve changed our school name to one more fitting and while we are still freaks we have our tent. Smile I haven’t made a new homeschool blog, and I probably won’t. I’ll update here now and then but I’ve really been enjoying the quiet, more private internet without feeling I need to share, share, share with the world.

Enjoy your spring, and Happy Ostara should you celebrate it.


Weekend at Grannie’s–Wordless Wednesday

Rubbing the kitten's bellyuncle watching documentariesthat early morning unexpected picturehumming bird, red poppy figureMr. wearing his Rammstein shirt while renovating a bathroomcoloring contest, grandma is the judgeunder counter stock of canned foodkids playing in the additionthe cat is checking out the addition

Last time we went skating…


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Wordless Wednesday-Our first camping trip at the end of the season


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Day One…

As expected the day is going much slower than I’d like. It started out great but then the handwriting put a huge roadblock in our progress. Combining spelling word practice and writing, it was 10 words written 5 times each in cursive and standard. They’ve practiced cursive letters but now is where the cursive word comes in, connecting the letters.

As any other day we turned on Spotify’s classical radio station to play in the background. From my understanding there have been multiple studies that show there is a physiological connection between listening to music and learning and retaining information. 

After lunch they started to loose focus. We still had history, and the country location of our geography lesson. Health had not been completed and a few lessons each of their T4L. I’m thinking it would make more sense to flip the order that we attempted today; textbook first then finish up with the easier things.

Everything was completed, so now it’s a matter of getting it done faster. This will come in time as they get familiar with the day to day expectations. Aside from that I need to get them focused on completing when I’m not supervising. I suppose we CAN move around the house, we have before, but when I need to clean and leave the room it seems to mean that it’s time to start giggling.


This past weekend was very busy, both Saturday and Sunday we were on the go. There was a couple hours visiting and rifle practice, and I must say, Spider Monkey is getting quite good! We stopped into Books-a-Million, TWICE. I didn’t pick up a few things the first round because I forgot just how much the teacher discount takes off. After we did the rest of the shopping we stopped in again to grab the skipped item.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I need to go prep dinner. We’re going bowling tonight-first time for everyone EXCEPT the Mr. We’re excited, and pleased to say the reward system is working well on the behavior.

Midnight Madelines

This weekend I was able to try a bottle of Mad Housewife wine, and I was not disappointed. As typical I visited the website and it’s facebook page to have a look around and discovered there is a running giveaway until December 31 of this year. I think this may be ‘MY’ new wine, and I’m very excited to collect the requisite number of corks for the freebies I’d like.

As you can also see in the photo there is a bit of technical difficulty happening on the kitchenaid front. I attempted to mix up a batch of pancake batter to find it would not turn on. I tried different plugs and still nothing. Eventually it was taken apart and the Mr. used his tester to check for electrical issues after finding no visible wear on the gears. He made an educated guess and took it in to work for second opinions and all agree it is the circuit board so with any luck and an extra $40 I can have it taken care of in the near future.


Sunday was an early day in the park, meeting a co-worker for a game of disc golf. He brought his boys, the girls newest friends, and they were able to play a full 18 rounds. The kids ran ahead and tossed their Frisbee into the baskets, or stopped to draw pictures.

I say ‘they’ were able to play because I don’t, I’m not good at it and have no interest at all in the game. I go along simply because I have no reason not too, I enjoy the walking around poking at plants and spending the time with my family. We do everything together, even if the others aren’t excited to participate we put aside an hour or two of and enjoy the time together. We’re just odd like that Winking smile


With the girls amazing change in behavior they earned back one of their favorite, and at this point one of their last, toys. Mega Bloks Dragons ! They pulled the entire bin down the stairs to play this weekend and back up to their room where they are staying as long as the room stays clean. 


What is a Sunday afternoon without a nap? During our weekend shoping we picked up each girl their own little ‘art box’ and sketchbook as part of their back to school supplies. I’m going to try and incorporate more hands art lessons, practice, history and so on this year.


Tonight ended in baking, and wine. I usually have a bottle or two on the bar, nice and dusty, that just sit. We received a call earlier, a close family member was in the hospital in serious condition so in comes the stress. Being half way across the country, there isn’t much to do but wait and none of us are particularly good at waiting. We’re also not good at keeping our emotions to ourselves, when one is upset the others soon enough pick up the emotion no matter how well it’s hidden.

My stress is your gain I suppose, here is the recipe I used and the delicious results.



    • 2 large eggs
    • 2/3 cup sugar
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 1 teaspoon maple flavoring
    • 1 pinch salt
    • 1 cup all-purpose flour
    • 10 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted, cooled slightly
    • powdered sugar


  1. Preheat oven to 375°F Generously butter and flour pan for large madeleines (about 3×1 1/4 inches).
  2. Using electric mixer, beat eggs and 2/3 cup sugar in large bowl just to blend. Beat in vanilla, lemon peel and salt. Add flour; beat just until blended. Gradually add cooled melted butter in steady stream, beating just until blended.
  3. Spoon 1 tablespoon batter into each indentation in pan. Bake until puffed and brown, about 10-16 minutes. Cool 5 minutes. Gently remove from pan. Repeat process, buttering and flouring pan before each batch. (Can be made 1 day ahead.).

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Humpty dumpty

held onto a wall, humpty dumpty had a great fall. Mommy and daddy picked her up again and again. She’ll learn to skate, and that is the end. I know I’m not great with the rhymes. It started as something funny for ‘hump day’ and of course last nights attempts to roller skate.

Spider Monkey’s elbows are a nice dark tan, bruised from falling backwards and slamming down on them for 2 hours. She’s laying on the couch, cuddling with a heating pad; everyone once in awhile rolling over with an, “owww”. It was all laughs when she’d fall until the last half hour, I guess the pain wasn’t as funny anymore. Little Sizzling Hiney isn’t sore but she is sick (so am I , thanks little ms. for drinking out of MY cup) so while daddy is at work the house is creeping along on our daily activities.

Both girls did fantastic last night, over all. Putting on the skates at first was…as expected, almost catastrophic. Neither could even stand on their own. We tried the little wood floor practice rink, and alternated back and forth with trips around the full size rink on the carpeted area. First it was just walk, then onto how to prevent falling. LSH picked up quickly the idea of leaning forward rather than back when you loose balance. SM not so much, as evident by her elbows. From 6-8.15pm they progressed to being able to take a trip around the main skate floor, slowly. They seemed to get better every time they came back from the lap around the carpet area, I guess finding their balance.

They loved every second of it, falling, pain, sweating, it was the most wonderful thing to them. 2 hours of fun, and a new experience for $5. Admission and skate rental, I didn’t skate and Mr. brought his inlines. Everyone is wanting to go back next week, and who knows I may even try my skates, in lines as well, but I am terrible at skating on them. Maybe I can get some pictures next time; it wasn’t possible (even if I had remembered to put the memory card in the camera) with trying to teach the littles to skate.