The woman behind the keyboard

Alecia is a textbook example Aquarius-Idealistic, desires change yet has no tact. She loves creativity and is quite eccsentric in her expression and lifestyle. She can appear detached from her emotions to many people, and preferts to remain in an intellectual realm. She has an opinion on everything and will gladly share it should you ask along with her advice on any problem you could imagine. She does not like being taken for granted, and show-offs and sensless extravagance are at the top of her list on ways to get on her bad side.

She’s enjoying her life in Virginia with her bestfriend and husband, Jeff and their two adorable daughters, Lily Vega and Serenity Mara. Uncommon in the younger generation or society in general today, she married Jeffrey at the age of 18 and became pregnant with their first daughter, Lily, 6 months later. Two years and two weeks later, daughter number two, Serenity, arrived also bringing about the end of Alecia’s reproductive ability. Early in the marriage the couple had decided -while planning the conception of Lily, that they would only have two children. So when Serenity was born via a planned c-section a tubal ligation was also performed.

Alecia has many random talents, mainly focusing on art in various forms. From drawing and painting to crafts there is always an element of artistic expression present. At a very young age she showed skill in her elementary school art classes, recieveing certificats for Gift and Talented art two years in a row. She was also participating in an after school art enrichment program called, Kids R Smart which she was awarded for Outstanding achievement. By then she was in middle school and yet again her talents won her a certificate for her skills in Exploring art 1, which helped place her into the next years Select Art class. The select art was a more intense and varied program of study than a typical art class. Her second year in this program was also the last year in middle school before she would become a high school student and was an exciting time because all students of the Select art program were eligible to participate in a Summer workshop called PAVAN (Performing and Visual Arts Northwest), if the student recieved a teacher recommendation. Alecia did recieve that recommendation. This program was very exclusive and required an fifteen minute interview with accompanying porfolio samples before admission. Alecia was accepted to the program and as a result has her first art showing at Shenandoah University.

Cooking is also a great passion which she discovered after becoming a stay at home mom. Yule is an exciting time in the household due to her love of baking-averaging around 12-13 different types of confection during this time. Her most requested is Baklava with her Moravian cookies being a close second. She also has quite the obsession with canning foods.

Before her current position in life as a mommy she’d been a cashier, stocker, worked in fast food and her most loved career, a body piercer. She has loved body modification in general since she discovered BMEzine around the age of 13. She began her apprenticship in this industry at Body of Xpression under the instruction of Larry Strauss at the age of 18, not long after she had married Jeffrey. After almost a year working in the studio as a piercer she took time off to have her daughter, Lily. Originally planning to return to work after a short maternity leave it soon became aparent the plan had a few holes. Trusting another person to care for her new child was a huge issue as was the financial burden it would bring. The body piercing field is typically not a very financially rewarding field and would have been unlikely to cover the babysitting cost and the gas it would require to get back and forth. A very depressing choice, at the time, was made to just stay home. Realizing the burden it would put on the shop’s owner and the abandonment of her clients was exceptionally

Life progressed typically for Alecia until August of 2010 when her mother passed away. At this point she emotionally crumbled and for many months after while dealing with the funeral and the settling of estate and all the horrible things that come with death she began drinking heavily. Alecia had support all around but being an only child raised by her mother she was inconsolable. Needless to say the homeschooling suffered. For about a year Alecia functioned on autopilot, feigning interest and even mild happiness. Everything said to Alecia, she related to her mother. She suffered almost daily anxiety attacks where she felt as though her throat would close and her heart was going to explode, at times she was so unhappy she wished it would. Even now two years later she will have an attack and breakdown but its usually later at night when its quiet and her thoughts wander.

After this massive change, the family went to Disneyland-what seemed at the time the best idea. Distraction for the girls who were present when their Grammy passed. It was their first and likely last major family vacation. It was a wonderful experience, the Disney adventure and other excursions they made to Coco Beach and elsewhere. They also bought a house, something Alecia had imagined would never be possible for them became a reality.

Alecia has lived a very unusual existence to date, her life has been good yet always with a dark shadow surrounding certain aspects due to death, abuse, drug addiction, and bad choices over all until one event snapped the negative chain and she realized life can be what you want but it will not be handed to you.

Too weird to live, too rare to die. -Hunter Thompson

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  1. Mike McDaniel November 7, 2012 at 11:20 pm Reply

    Dear Alecia:

    Welcome to SMM! It’s good to have you along.

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