Soapity Soap

Any more natural and you may as well stay dirty. 

My soap is as natural as you can get, using locally sourced lard or tallow from ethically hunted wild game as a base. All are made in house, in small batches using a cold process method. Scents and colors come from herbs, and spices I use and the occasional essential oil. I absolutely will not use artificial colorants or fragrances.

Recycled molds? Yes, have you missed the strange shape my soaps have? I use a number of items from yogurt cups to mushroom tubs. If I can use it before I have to recycle it then I will! I am all for recycling but sadly it DOES cost to turn our ‘trash’ into a new item so I try to skip this step as long as possible and produce another product from them. So I may not have the neatest rectangle shaped bar of soap you may like that this is due to the strict morals we have related to reusing items.

In the future I hope to expand to other bases, such as Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and more but for now I am focusing on building a good reputation with quality products that I am proud to put my name on.

I do not want to be rich. Plain and simple, the things I am pushing you to buy-its because I enjoy making them. I like to spend my free time on these things. So there is no ‘labor cost’. When you buy things I make its because you know the value of local products. If I cover my costs and provide a bit of profit to help my family that’s all I need.


(If there is a link available to click I have this type on hand, and you can view it.)

  • Lavender Bambi – This is exactly what it sounds like, a deer tallow base with a light lavender fragrance. It is a harder bar than lard and seems to be the most popular.
  • Band Aid Bar – Smaller than my usual bar this one is perfect for what ails you. It has it’s own distinct scent due to the addition of neem oil, and tea tree oil. Both of these contain antimicrobial properties that are wonderful for cleaning cuts, washing feet or any any area that may be troubled by bacteria.
  • Basic Bar – Simple soap, no scent just suds
  • Yuletide – These are larger bars, a standard rectangle shape. Lard base with peppermint essential oil and cinnamon. Perfect for holiday gift giving, even if it’s a gift for yourself.
  • Castile – Extra virgin olive oil only, no scent, no color just soap.
  • Balsam – This sadly did not work out as I had hoped. It has balsam which is a wonderful woody scent but it appears it was burnt as the fats were soaponified. Even a failure isn’t always a total loss, it’s pattern is lovely (likened to granite) and it has a nice rough texture.


2 thoughts on “Soapity Soap

  1. Holly Dawn Hewlett October 28, 2012 at 6:31 pm Reply

    Hi Everyone,
    I have been friends with the Freakshow for about 3 years now…which means I get to test products to Alecia!! YEAAA. Well, my family has been testing the 3 basic soaps for a month now and I am happy to report for all you nay sayers and inquisitors!!!
    I am a no nonsense, so frills kind of health and beauty aids woman and my wife is a girly girl, while our daughter could care less!!
    So, we have used the three bars for a month, I am a sensitive skin person, as in every year I have to wash all my clothes in Dreft because I start to break out from the detergents in laundry soaps. Tonja likes the scents and all the fancy oils and perfumed soaps so imagine us testing a soap??? I am happy to report, that the soaps work GREAT!!! I love that the soaps are hard like old fashioned soaps and they last, BUT, they lather well and really moisturize your skin nicely!! They leave a nice scent, now, not like today’s soaps..but a “subtle, lean in and breathe in another persons scent smell.”
    1. Soaps wear well in shower water, and don’t get gooey in the soap dish. They dry well after shower is done
    2. Lather is nice, smell is subtle
    3. No rashes, breakouts or stinging in the private areas
    4. LAST!!
    5. Leave you feeling “squeaky” clean..yes, squeaky!!

    One word of caution, DO NOT leave the soaps down where the dogs can get them…they think that the soaps taste great…but you will be cussing when they leave presents for you around the house!!

  2. creativemixtress November 4, 2012 at 12:12 pm Reply

    I love cold processed soaps and used to craft them myself. Your band aid bar will definitely heals what ails you. Both neem and tea tree oil are two of the most powerful natural healers. Great job!

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