-Work in progress-

If you read our Notice Of Intent then you’re already aware we are a Pagan family, and it is a large part of who we are. Much like other religions it is part of day to day life, something as cooking or planting a flower can be a spiritual act. We don’t give a name to our beliefs (aside from the general term, Pagan) because there is no perfect fit, instead we view all the Gods as valid and simply aspects of the male and female energy that were given a persona for humans to more easily relate to. 

The Gods in our view are not  beings apart from us that judge our actions and hand out a punishment. They are part of us, in so much as we are made up of everything in the universe. They are energy, experiencing life in all it’s variety through us.

What about the witchcraft? It’s not as spooky as you’d think, and we aren’t calling on some evil entity. The candles, incense, bells, and so on are simply tools to help focus. We are using our own energies and connection to the universe to bring about change. As I’m sure many have learned, when you focus on negativity it seems to pull more to you like a magnet. If you’re putting energy into the world you will get it back.

I’m linking to a few Pagan themed websites you might enjoy.


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