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Bullying, homeschool’s double edged sword

I was looking around Netflix today and found two movies that I had planned on having the girls watch, ‘at some point’. Cyber Bully and Bully and it occurred to me to ask them, “Do you know what a bully is?” Both said no, and I realized this is a perfect time for them to learn.

They have watched movies where there is the not so stereotypical ‘mean girl’ but with telling them so often when they were younger that TV is not real they may have gotten the idea that there are not people that behave this way. They have seen the mean kid at the playground, but not attending public school has sheltered them from this and how vicious some people can be. I watched carefully when the mean kids were at the park and was pleased with how they responded from such a short interaction.

I wouldn’t say this is a bad thing, both were very bothered by what they saw. I think there is the potential it could be a problem later in life if they were not exposed AT ALL to bullying. If we didn’t talk about it, I imagine it would be quite shocking to see. They will probably still be disturbed to experience it first hand, but my hope is that they will be older and more secure/confident and will appropriately stand up for themselves or the person targeted.

I need to dig out the educators pack for Bully that I received awhile back, when it was first released, and we can get a big more in depth with the discussion.


Straightening the girls room

You can see here the bed is partially painted, and I’ve not yet started the bookshelf. The walls eventually are going to be a darker gorgeous purple, and the trim will be the same brown as the rest of the house will be. Bed linens will be a combo of blues, greens, and purples. It needs a lot of work but it’s CLEAN….mostly. It’s clean enough!DSCN0647



10 years ago

today I married my best friend. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, I don’t think either of us ever thought we would get married to begin with, yet here we are. We have been through every possible relationship stress and we’ve stuck it out. Deaths, infidelity, unemployment, lies, moving, it’s all tried to destroy us and we’ve become stronger for each challenge. We’ve become very different people than when we first met, and thankfully during this we’ve grown together rather than apart.

We aren’t like most couples, and I think is what has helped us last. We don’t need time apart, we go to ‘extreme’ to accommodate each other, and frequently refer to each other as the same person with different genitals. We are truly happiest when we’re together, whatever we’re doing. When apart there are frequent calls, just to hear each others voice and say, “I love you.”.

I get the credit for the positive changes in the Mr. and I used to see it as a compliment. As time went on I began to realize I didn’t make him change, I didn’t DO anything to change him except…love him AS HE WAS. That was the biggest factor, he was much like me in that he was going to live his life the way he wanted and that is off putting for most people. They want to change you, for their benefit or because they care.

Just saying, ‘ten years’ sounds like a long time. It doesn’t feel like its been that long, and yet it feels like we’ve always been together. I cannot remember feelings toward anyone else, I feel as if past relationships or any crushes I may have had were another person entirely. I can’t imagine or remember not loving him, we’re such a part of the other that there is little we don’t share. Our moods shift based on the others feelings, if he’s upset I get upset even when he doesn’t behave as if he’s bothered.

I am so glad I found him, I don’t think I would be who I am today if not. I would not have my daughters, and would constantly be hunting for that missing piece. The part of me that was missing, one I had given up hope of finding. Yes I had already given up on love before I turned 18.

When we met, we were apart for less than 24 hours from the first day and to this day we haven’t been apart for more than 24 hours (overtime being the only LONG time apart). I would go home to shower, sleep, go to work and back to him. He had no car at the time, but being already used to hauling friends around this was no concern, I was just so happy to be spending time with someone that was more of a friend and validated everything I was feeling. He encouraged me to be who I wanted to be, he immediately got along with my mom-even convincing her to let ‘us’ bring home a lizard that I had previously been forbidden to have.


Thankful Thursday


Even the dog looks like she’s loving life.

Thankful Thursday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these types of posts but I’m really feeling it today. For one day this week the zombie killer was unemployed, for one day there was no source of income. Of course he knew he was going to be working and had the job lined up but the day came he gave his boss the two weeks notice and that same day they very nicely let him go. Telling him of course he was welcome back but their jobs were slowing and they wanted to keep the other guys busy. We had no idea if he was going to be waiting two weeks to start the new job at that point, so he called and we waited.

Yesterday morning his phone rang around 7:30am and it was the new company asking if he wanted to come in-that day! So the new job came earlier, everything worked out as it should and all is well. He did regret the previous nights lack of sleep! He is off today technically but has to watch 8 hours of training videos, logging them and will be paid for the time. He’ll work Friday and possibly Saturday and begin a normal schedule next week.

For the past few months we have felt as if we were sinking, struggling just to stay afloat financially. It was getting stressful, and suddenly it’s as if we have been pulled from a dark hole and set squarely on the green grass. It feels as if so much is going to change, almost a new start. The old job was such a drain (grateful that there was a job but whew) on time and money. What once was a 1.5hr (or worse) drive to work and costing $25-$30+ DAILY in fuel is now 45 minutes and $15-$20. Possibly less if he trades off driving days with a man who lives on the way to the job.

They’re paying for his training, special protective ware (which isn’t his to keep but it’s a very expensive piece) and benefits start after 45 days. There was mention of possible overtime late next month, and it seems like it will be less physically taxing on him. It seems almost too good to be true but that often happens after a longer period of darkness…metaphorically speaking.

Joy at the kids being gone

“You might have a party.” I heard this today being jokingly said about kids leaving for college. It bothered me, yes I realize it’s just a joke but it’s the sort of mentality that finds it funny to be thrilled when you’re kids are not around. Why is that something to look forward to? People say they could never homeschool because they need that ‘break’ from their kids, or they get very upset their kids don’t go to school on a snow day.

This isn’t really directed towards anyone, but I just can’t imagine that feeling. When my mom would watch the girls so me and the zombie killer could go out for an evening we spent the time wondering what the girls were doing, and talking about things they’ve done or any number of topics that could have been discussed with them around. It just didn’t feel right not to have them with us, and it still doesn’t. We include them in our adult gatherings (and most of our adult friends have kids), we avoid outings where it’s not kid friendly.

I see so many people profess such love for their kids and at the same time it appears they don’t want to be around them. I realize they do love their kids but like I said, I just cannot understand the desire to get rid of the kids even for a few hours. Sure there are some days I want to wring my girls neck, they infuriate me beyond words (even four letter ones) yet I don’t feel the need to have them leave or myself to leave. They can go to their room for a couple of hours and leave me be but I don’t see that as the same thing.

Maybe some would say I’m obsessed with my kids? I don’t think so but then the crazy person doesn’t think they’re crazy. Maybe it is due to how I was raised, We were a close knit family, all members were included in everything going on. I don’t know, there probably isn’t an answer besides people are just different.

Like I said before, this is just something I’m really thankful for. That I don’t look forward to my kids leaving, because I imagine I would be a right bitch otherwise.

Puppets, Zombies, and dinner

I mentioned the other day the girls were sewing felt Halloween puppets and here is the evidence. It was going fine until Little Sizzling Hiney snapped the ONE (really-one, for a kids craft projects?) plastic needle in half.


We had meatloaf, and spaghetti for our Ancestor Feast. Both were family recipes of my mother and Zombie Killers grandmother. While both were fantastic I think we’re going to use his grandmothers peanut butter cake instead. This was just a bit much for one meal.

We each took turns saying something we remember or miss about the chosen ladies. Also discussed collecting more favorite recipes from living family…you know, for later.


This was amazing! Truly gory, to the point it scared younger children and older ones asked in horror, “Is that real blood?” I was very proud, this sticky mess looked GREAT but was terribly uncomfortable. As it dried it ‘coagulated’ and turned a darker red, almost a brick, which more resembled blood. Simple concoction-dark corn syrup, coco powder, and a bit of blue and red food coloring.