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Spring is coming


I think spring and winter are having a hard time right now. I’m sitting on my porch, the windows are open, the kids are in short sleeves it’s gorgeous (the windy is a bit chilly) and yet at night it’s still quite frigid. I’m getting anxious, planning gardens, cleaning up the porch, and hot tub and just read to get into the swing of things again. The girls have started digging and pulling weeds, getting the front bed ready for the red, white, and blue gladioli plants I’ll be putting in.

This winter has been very hard on us, for many reasons and it’s almost as if we’ve hibernated for the past few months.

  • School work as usual slacked as we curled up under blankets and read our stacks of books from the library. We slept much more than we usually do, which oddly enough seemed a common trend for a lot of friends as well.
  • We had many issues with water pipes freezing and busting which will be wrapped in heat tape this spring/summer so it’s prevented next year.
  • We had an animal (I suspect it was the same opossum we’d rescued from our toilet) take up residence in our cellar but we adopted a live and let live and just left it there to hide out from the weather.

At the beginning of this month we had a terrible accident, in which our only running vehicle was totaled. It was just after midnight on a Sunday and we’d all fallen asleep watching Down Periscope in the living room when the oldest woke us up saying there was an accident out front. A drunk driver going approx 60mph (in a 25) slammed into my car which flipped and spun around facing the opposite direction.

The driver and passengers were not hurt, but both cars were destroyed. Now that’s a bad enough thing to happen but the salt in the wound was this car was my moms car; she passed in 2010 and we’d kept it and the vanity plates she’d maintained for 20+ years. Now I can’t just keep those plates and put it on the next car we get (ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, maintain full coverage insurance) because the connection has been taken.

I can’t not even describe how fortunate we are despite this. While I have full coverage, it reimburses the losses which means if we had to rent a car for the Mr. to get to and from work it would be our money up front and they would repay us. That was not an option, but immediately upon hearing what had happened the Mr’s boss asked if he needed to borrow a truck so that issue was covered and now we’re in a waiting game on getting a pay out to buy a new car. I think the worst part for me was watching the girls sobbing at the loss of the car that they rode around in, with grammy, and sang nursery rhymes.

I know I’m supposed to be grateful that nobody was seriously hurt and I was at first, but now I’m beyond furious that a 22 year old fool could so easily have killed someone. That our lives could’ve been destroyed (no ride to work=no money=no mortgage payment=homeless) because he couldn’t just stay home and drink with his friends.


You might have noticed that the .com address is no longer valid, and it will not be renewed. I’ve maintained this blog for a few years with the same name and I won’t be changing it BUT it also is not a current representation of us as a family, and our homeschool journey. So no sense paying to maintain it. We’ve changed our school name to one more fitting and while we are still freaks we have our tent. Smile I haven’t made a new homeschool blog, and I probably won’t. I’ll update here now and then but I’ve really been enjoying the quiet, more private internet without feeling I need to share, share, share with the world.

Enjoy your spring, and Happy Ostara should you celebrate it.


LBOE – The Magickal Cauldron

LBOE – The Magickal Cauldron. I stumbled onto this site this morning. Absolutely love the printable worksheet pages for children to create their own beginner book of shadows as well as projects they can do. A great great site!

Sabbats | Little Pagan Acorns

Pagan homeschooling printables-SQUEE!

Book of Law 23

Your magickal tools are channels to that which is most precious and pure within you. Do not cheapen them by haggling their price when you acquire them.

NONSENSE! It does not cheapen anything by trying to get it for a lower price. Matter of opinion but I don’t think they have an sort of magickal value until it’s YOURS and you give it a purpose either through use or dedication/consecration.

If you’re wanting to so particular then I’d say you have no business buying your tools. You need to be MAKING THEM.

Book of Law 22

No one of the Wicca may do anything which will endanger the Craft, nor bring any of the Wicca into conflict with the Law of the Land, or with any of our persecutors.

This should be common sense really but I think there is more of a concern with this from the younger people. Those discovering an alternative path and not being very educated, giving the rest of us a bad name. It does happen from older people but typically they are found to have serious mental/or emotional issues.

I’m not suggesting we should go out of our way, too toe the line, for fear of how others may view us or even how we may make others look. For the most part! People who would form an opinion of an entire group based on a small interaction with one person will likely form a negative opinion.

A quick and simple list of tips;

  • Don’t tell someone you’ll turn them into a toad.
  • Don’t hide your jewelry so as not to offend.
  • Don’t tell someone you practice practice black magic.
  • Do show respect by not littering.

See where I’m going with those? Common sense!

Book of Law 21

In any disputes between the children of the Goddess, no one may invoke any laws but those of the Craft, or any tribunal but that of Priestess, Priest, and Elders.

This I greatly dislike! Unless I’m misunderstanding it, if you belong to a group and there is an issue between people they aren’t supposed to go to anyone besides the leaders of said group? An assault, theft, anything out of the ordinary disagreements….uhm, no I think legal intervention is necessary sometimes.

I hope this is one of those ‘feel good’ type of so called laws but I immediately reject it either way due to it’s lack of clarity.

Book of Law 20

Do not use the names of the Gods in negative or evil ways, for They love and cherish Their children above all others. All others They love, even those who know them not. Yet those who hate and curse in Their name shall have the Mighty Ones take the measure of their worth.

Straight forward, no explanation here.