Bullying, homeschool’s double edged sword

I was looking around Netflix today and found two movies that I had planned on having the girls watch, ‘at some point’. Cyber Bully and Bully and it occurred to me to ask them, “Do you know what a bully is?” Both said no, and I realized this is a perfect time for them to learn.

They have watched movies where there is the not so stereotypical ‘mean girl’ but with telling them so often when they were younger that TV is not real they may have gotten the idea that there are not people that behave this way. They have seen the mean kid at the playground, but not attending public school has sheltered them from this and how vicious some people can be. I watched carefully when the mean kids were at the park and was pleased with how they responded from such a short interaction.

I wouldn’t say this is a bad thing, both were very bothered by what they saw. I think there is the potential it could be a problem later in life if they were not exposed AT ALL to bullying. If we didn’t talk about it, I imagine it would be quite shocking to see. They will probably still be disturbed to experience it first hand, but my hope is that they will be older and more secure/confident and will appropriately stand up for themselves or the person targeted.

I need to dig out the educators pack for Bully that I received awhile back, when it was first released, and we can get a big more in depth with the discussion.


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2 thoughts on “Bullying, homeschool’s double edged sword

  1. Michelle C. December 19, 2013 at 9:25 pm Reply

    Thanks for posting this. We’ve always lived in places where there were no neighborhood children, but our new neighborhood does have children. They’ve ignored her completely.
    Recently, some of them came to talk to her at the driveway but were keeping an eye on me. The short version of this story is that she failed to “pick up” that they weren’t here to be nice. In fact, I believe they came here to be mean and hateful but held their tongues a bit due to my presence. She didn’t pick up on this at all. We had a talk about things people will do.. subtle ways of being mean, how what these kids said wasn’t what they meant. She was stunned that people would behave that way. She can’t wrap her head around it.

  2. Allison January 7, 2014 at 1:17 pm Reply

    We live in a neighborhood where their have always been children to play with. Some won’t come near us since we aren’t the right color. Others have been nice. Then their are the ones who regularly are mean to my daughter and we have talks about what happens. She doesn’t get why they are nice on rare occasions but usually are really mean to her. Why the he$$ would a kid say they wouldn’t play with her if she continued to be homeschooled? I don’t get some kids.

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