Old fashioned food stuffs

DSCN0694I have been meaning to try making sauerkraut but all of my crocks have ‘shoulders’ so trying to put something on the top to keep it submerged would have been an interesting task without buying those stones. I also didn’t want to invest in something I may not like. I know I like store bought sauerkraut but I’m not certain about lacto fermented at home style.  I brought this crock home from my grandma to give it a try. DSCN0696

This is the beginning. Simply chopped, salted, and mashed.


This is the middle. It’s been mashed down many times and finally produced a decent amount of liquid. It’s covered with the plastic wrap, a plate on top, with a can of whole tomatoes on top of that. Now the waiting game begins.


Grinder my grandma gave me. Looked it up, estimated date 1988-1923. Functional, tight grip to counter, and an interesting (IMO) note; she said to grease it to prevent rust. I soaked/scrubbed it last night w/ vinegar, soap, baking soda then this morning reapplied venison tallow. Excited to use it.


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