Tuesday 9/24/13

These four boxes of books, worksheets, diagrams, maps, a cat are what I have been sorting lately. They came from a fellow homeschooler who got them from a former public school teacher. First was to sort out what I was definitely keeping which brought it down to two boxes. Then bring it up to the school room and sort again into categories and then subjects. It’s been a glorious mess.


There has been camping, roller skating, this additional curriculum, rearranging various rooms, the Mr. has started going back to school every Tuesday night. I’m just now getting things caught up, I had almost a month of lessons, documentaries and such that I had written on just notebook paper which had to be copied into my actual log sheets and folders.

Today the girls wrote letters to a few Disney Princesses that they are particularly fond of. It seems you can send letters and you will receive an ‘autographed’ post card back in a few weeks. Needless to say they are determined to write to EVERY princess. On the positive side it is fantastic practice for language arts. If you’d like to write some letters send them too;

Attn: Character Name

Walt Disney World Communications

PO BOX 10040

Lake Buena Vista, Fl. 32830-0040


Here is another fun little item from the boxes, a dry erase map! The Little Bug Hunter didn’t do so well labeling, but Spider Monkey got all but two.

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