Product review-Lysol Power & Free

I received two test products from BzzAgent a month ago for trial and feedback and have been using the new Lysol Power & Free product line around my usually homemade green cleaned house. I received the wipes and multipurpose spray and purchased the toilet bowl cleaner and bathroom cleaner to get a complete view of this line. I’ll start you off with a quick blurb about the product line before I give you my views;


You clean to help keep your loved ones healthy, so why use cleaning products that require an evacuation of kids and pets from your home? Just to get things gleaming? Lysol® Power & Free delivers more cleaning power than bleach* — without the harshness! The cleaners are powered by hydrogen peroxide (which turns into water and oxygen as it attacks tough stains), so you get a pristine home that’s free from harmful fumes and chemical residue.

  • Uses hydrogen peroxide to release thousands of micro-bubbles that penetrate and dissolve tough stains
  • Requires no gloves, masks or protective eyewear (you don’t even have to open the windows to clean!)
  • Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria**

*On tough grease and soap scum.
**When used as directed.

The Lysol Power & Free toilet bowl cleaner at first appears thick and you imagine how well it’s going to clean; finally get that water line to disappear. Sorry but you’re out of luck with this product unfortunately. It IS thick, so thick that it barely coats the side of the bowl and slides right down into the water. Leaving such a thin coat where it needs to be is hardly effective at getting the ‘micro bubbles’ to bust up any stains you may have. You’ll get a lot of suds which many mistake as a indication of cleaning, but since I’m familiar with soap making I learned years ago these are nothing more than simple additives. Also being so thick you’re going to waste a lot of product if you’re like me and have to make sure the underside of the rim is coated. It pours out of the bottle quickly immediately when inverted.

The Lysol Power & Free multipurpose spray is what I received (as well as wipes) with my BzzAgent package so it was the first to use. Of the four products I tried this is by far my favorite, and in my opinion has one of the milder scents. I’ve used it everywhere, from the kitchen and bathroom to windows and it does it’s job well. I think one of the most impressive uses was pulling a CHERRY yogurt stain from my living room rug that my girls had wiped (read: rubbed into) up and didn’t mention. The next impressive feat was pulling the terrible smear of MELTED gel window clings. A hot day melted them and my homemade cleanser broke them down and created a smear of this gel over the entire window. The Lysol Power and Free spray took it off immediately even with my usual newspaper wipe. While I may not use this daily, still preferring my homemade, this is definitely an acceptable addition to my cleaning basket.

The Lysol Power & Free bathroom cleaner is in my opinion nothing more than the multipurpose spray in a bottle that’s fitted with a special nozzle that creates a ‘foaming spray’ rather than the typical mist. Both give the same result and both contain .88% peroxide. I do like the cool spring breeze scent a bit better than the citrus of the multipurpose. While I have nothing negative to say about this product, my view that it’s nothing more than a repackaged multipurpose with a different scent, leaves me with nothing positive besides what I’ve already shared.

The wipes, have me a bit concerned honestly. The average person I’ve come across grabs a wipe, cleans a mess and moves along. Is this how you use cleansing wipes? Well prepare yourself for another step, as the directions will tell you to rinse with water after sanitizing with the wipe. I have no idea if this is common for such products as I don’t generally use them but I question the ‘Free’ and healthy promotion if it needs to be rinsed. If you’re using this on say a high chair and your little one was like mine used to be everything that touched the tray is going to get on their hands, the food and into their mouth. If you’re wiping down a toy they chew on? Ultimately this isn’t something I’ll buy again, I don’t like disposable waste when I could just as easily use a rag, soap and water for the same if not safer result.

Finally, I would really like to see an ingredient list for these products to see what exactly is doing the cleaning since the peroxide that is the selling focus is less than 1% of the ingredients. Of the four Lysol Power & Free products, only one would I consider purchasing again but it is a very likely purchase.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review.

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