Not a great visit to the library…

Last trip the library we took home a monster drawing book but declined the disc that is normally included. We had no use for it and didn’t want to chance it getting lost/damaged/etc. Apparently this was a mistake as an older woman came stomping upstairs to the kids area to ask where the disc was, which I told her it wasn’t given to us last time, and she was very unpleasant in her response that she would make a note of that. I really should have asked if she bothered to check the drawer where the dvds and such are kept.

When we were ready to check out she walks off to let the older man we always deal w/ scan our books. At this point it’s obvious she just doesn’t like us, you know the term ‘bitch face’? She had it. When it came to checking out Bug Hunters books he told us she was missing one in the last set we returned, and Lily spoke up saying she DID put that in the basket when we walked in. Ms. bitch face spoke up, on her trip to grab a set of books to shelve, and said we’ll it’s not here. The older man opened the cabinet of JUST CHECKED IN and what do you know…there is the book.

This really isn’t a big deal I guess, they didn’t OUTRIGHT accuse me of anything but it was implied. That makes me very angry…and yes I need to let it go since there is no real impact on my life. We skipped the park today, I’m in a bad mood and the girls have a volcano project to do as well as other fun lessons. I borrowed Black Beauty for them to watch.


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3 thoughts on “Not a great visit to the library…

  1. Michelle C. August 16, 2013 at 3:45 pm Reply

    People like that. Ugh. Why does ANYONE ever think they’re better than anyone else? I’ll never understand it.

  2. Alecia Ludwick-Jones August 16, 2013 at 3:52 pm Reply

    I’ve come to terms with the reason WHY; my dreadlocks and piercings. I knew the reaction I would get from some people so while it infuriates me at the time I get over it quickly. When I hear the comments from people who are surprised by our personality, and thank us for taking the time to prove their misconceptions wrong it’s worth the frustrations.
    I think what got me was more the addition of insult to injury when she argued (and was wrong) that we did not return the other book and it didn’t appear she considered she may also be wrong about the disc.

  3. Summer August 22, 2013 at 9:25 pm Reply

    I work in the children’s room in a library and I am really disappointed that this happened. I apologize on behalf of librarians everywhere. We need to bring kids into the library, not drive them away! Personally, I love it wen kids come in and loudly sing the Bob the Builder theme song (even if my co-workers don’t) or play happily even if it is a little loud. A library should be a place of enjoyment, a place to offer free services for the good of the community. Here’s to kid’s libraries everywhere!

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