Ms. Jack-o-lantern

This is the torture I get to endure…LOOK at that front tooth hanging on! We got the other one out yesterday-I pulled it, but this one is still locked in there. It’s so loose it’s crooked, LOL. She spent the hour after I pulled the right too calling herself Ms. Jack-o-lantern and referring to herself in third person. “Ms. Jack-o-lantern wants a hug!” It got old real fast.


It’s so frustrating to be unable to leave the room for more than a few minutes during the girls lessons. If I leave they will stop doing any ‘boring’ work. Time4Learning will continue, art will continue, videos and so on. If it’s textbook or writing it’s all over. The worst experience was yesterday, I was in my room folding laundry and during that time the girls completed very, VERY little work. I realize this and I accommodate it but sometimes it’s so frustrating trying to get things done that I let it pile up.

In the past (almost) two weeks I’ve been changing things about the curriculum to make a better fit. I’ve changed days for which activity we will focus on and added in more documentaries. Cut back on some of the required writing as the girls really were writing the equivalent of an upper middle school days work. I expect so much, which I do GE,T but we all become frustrated at my expectations that it be done faster.

Tomorrow is our fun day, and both girls are extremely excited. Library, park, music, art, and so on. With the change from Wednesday to Friday I have to hang on to some of the books I chose. I think our project for the day will be a volcano kit I found on clearance.

Since the girls have been keeping their room clean they’re getting their TV and video game system back in their room. I’ve made a very colorful list of rules as a reminder of my expectations and to put their movies back into the book, NOT lay them on a table. I’ve been told they’re too young to have that stuff in their room, obviously I disagree or it wouldn’t be going in there.

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