Week one, DONE!


  • In my life this week… Its been an interesting week to say the least. Bowing for the first time, slaughtering chicken for the first time. That last one is odd I realize but it’s not much different than what I’ve shared about hunting, and butchering deer. I got my LEGO Education catalog and I’m extremely excited, and also terrified at how much my excitement is going to cost. Tomorrow we will be setting up (with co-workers and friends) for the yearly ‘yard crawl’. It’s a huge yard sale basically.
  • In our homeschool this week… It’s been out first week back to daily lessons. Every day has been a struggle with the girls wanting to be in charge of their lessons, which may not be a terrible idea provided the work is completed. We’re all still getting used to the very extensive curriculum this year and with the inclusion of an extra curricular day devoted solely to music, art, documentaries, etc., it’s a change. We’ve also already discovered we have to move this day as it overlaps an existing BUSY library activity we don’t participate in.
  • Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… I don’t write on my planner page (its more of a log) until the activity is COMPLETE. I spent so much time scratching out things we didn’t get too or that I wrote down incorrectly. My planner has also become a folder system rather than a binger or notebook as I previously used.


  • Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… I hope we’ll be seeing a lot of people tomorrow that are stopping by my yard to give me money and take books off my hands!
  • My favorite thing this week was… Bowling! It was a lot more fun that I expected and we want to return every Monday. I was not at all good at it but the Mr. and girls are wonderful about encouragement.
  • My kiddos favorite thing this week was… a toss up between bowling for the first time or setting up a cage in their room that their pet snails can live in.
  • Things I’m working on… cleaning house, tossing things we don’t need, painting baseboards/wood work, rearranging things.
  • I’m cooking… ham and bean soup tonight.
  • I’m grateful for… the opportunities I’m presented with every day to teach my daughters, to love my husband. The company he works for, hands down the absolute most wonderful group of people he’s worked for.
  • I’m praying for… The company truck to be finished painting, and the gas cards to come in so Mr. will be driving it and I’ll have the ‘good’ car to drive again and less money going out weekly for gas.
  • I rewarded my kids this week by… letting them watch cartoons and play video games.
  • Something I am ogling or have my eye on… so so much and it’s all house related. Wooden blinds, new curtains, an electric fireplace, so on and so on. Home improvements are a huge hole in our wallet for me. ‘
  • This is one of the first of Little Sizzling Hiney’s pet snails. They’ve named ‘her’, Aramena. It doesn’t like to stay put and is creeping it’s way all over the school room, starting with my tape dispenser below.


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2 thoughts on “Week one, DONE!

  1. Laura August 14, 2013 at 9:33 pm Reply

    What is a Lego education catalog? It sounds dangerously exciting… I’m sure my boys would be all over it!

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