What our day looked like

I’m up at 6am when the Mr. leaves for work. I take this time to drink my coffee, watch Eureka (my current drug of choice) and just enjoy the quiet before the day begins. I *could* use this time more wisely and may do so in the future, it would make cleaning much more efficient.

Around 7 I start making breakfast, today is oatmeal and peanut butter. It will be ready for the girls to get up at 7:30. Breakfast is at the table and I read from one of our Enchanted World books, Dragons currently. It just occurred to use this time for my read aloud since it wasn’t fitting into our day with the other lessons we have.

After breakfast at 8 we clean up and do morning chores before heading upstairs to the school room. Lesson order varies from one day to the next or as today, Wednesdays are our ‘extra curricular’ days. Yesterday was for the Library, usually the park (which can be voided if the girls decide they want to spend their play time in their room at night when they’re supposed to be in bed-such as last night), music, and an Art project as well as time on the Wii uDraw game. Time4Learning is still covered, and our Spanish is in the form of a movie with alternate audio. Documentaries or more fun shows with an education theme are watched today as well. Over all the goal is education in a more relaxed mode.

Typically we’ll have lunch sometime between 11am or 12pm, depending on how the day is going. Yesterday lunch was at 12:30. It was a very relaxed day, a little too relaxed for me. The extra curricular day is going to be moved to Friday as the preschool story our is the same time at our planned visit. It was not the most enjoyable experience trying to squeeze around small kids to get books, and both girls asked before we had even checked out if we could alternate days. DSCN0557DSCN0558DSCN0560

After we got home it was time to paint, and listen to Mozart. While this was happening I started reading,

Over all it was a good book; it stayed focused for its 30 pages with attractive pictures and small blocks of extra information. True to it’s name it’s not overwhelming as some books can be, trying to cram everything into a few pages. I learned something new as well. As a young boy, Mozart, played for the Empress Maria Theresa and asked to marry her daughter….Marie Antoinette!

I didn’t realize it at the time but I had also grabbed the library’s copy of the Kirsten Dunst, Marie Antoinette dvd. I realize it’s not 100% accurate but it fit perfectly with the music and book. It’s a PG-13 movie, and I think many wouldn’t feel comfortable adding it into a homeschool day. My oldest did show a decent amount of curiosity and asked questions so there has been exposure to another historical figure that we will be learning about. Ultimately the movie is one I’d recommend if only for it’s gorgeous sets and the addition of modern music isn’t half bad. Decadent is the best adjective for this movie.

When we have a day like this, rather than dragging my lesson log around I’ll just make notes on one sheet and edit when the day is over. This new folder system is working so much better than my previous bound planners.


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