So now I’m an anti feminist?

‘I’m too pretty to do homework.’

‘My best subjects, shopping (check), music (check), dance (check), math (unchecked)’

‘Born to wear diamonds’

Those quotes are from t-shirts, marketed to young girls, and have caused quite a stir. Mothers are angry, they’ve lit their pitch forks, pledged to boycott, and thrown an all around hissy fit. Over a t-shirt. It seems the terrible combination of words will lead to the degradation, the devaluation, objectification of young girls everywhere. Possibly if they don’t even wear the shirt, so for YOUR protection they’re throwing a fit making sure it’s removed from sale.

I’m baffled honestly, at the anger over a shirt. I wouldn’t buy the shirts, I think they’re ignorant and do portray a negative stereotype which I wouldn’t give my money to promote. BINGO! I wouldn’t give them money so that’s the end of it for me and it should be the end of it for everyone else as nobody is requiring the shirt be bought or worn. It’s a non issue, there are PLENTY of REAL issues to focus on. While I imagine many of these mothers (and fathers) are concerned about other problems I can’t help but think this temper tantrum makes those who would objectify, and agree with such stereotypes, laugh. Bickering amongst each other over a shirt? Dividing women more rather than respecting each others vastly different views on…again, A SHIRT?!

So I’ve gotten the idea that I’m not considered a true feminist because I think a shirt would have no impact on a kid, or worse that self esteem, and academics are impacted more by the parents. If you’ve read my posts long you know when there is an issue which could actually impact the lives of women; proposed laws, abortion, female genital mutilation, sex trafficking, and so on I’m gung ho but…a shirt, aimed at young girls. Find information that this company is using child labor, slaves, etc (as sadly most companies are at this point) and I’d join in a boycott….for that issue.

I think we’re a bit better than that, and if we could focus THAT much outrage at some of the atrocities women of the world are subjected to, imagine what we could change!


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One thought on “So now I’m an anti feminist?

  1. lafemmet August 7, 2013 at 3:21 am Reply

    Amen Sister!!! Holy f-ing cow! It’s a shirt. You are a feminist and a smart one. not one that holds a crusade over a dimwit shirt. I have to say, I have heard that stupid line, “You’re too pretty to…” when I lived in Georgia pumping my own gas. I was appalled then. What if I was ugly? What a rude statement! and Beauty fades… Brains are forever, or until Alzhiemers hits.

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