Ode to the fat

Yesterday morning we came upstairs to the school room and I looked in the girls room to see Emmy (Emerald) our elderly cat was asleep in a dresser drawer so I moved him to a little cat bed that usually he hates. He didn’t try to move or react at all. That was when I knew it would be his last day with us. Throughout the day we would go in and sit with him, talking, and petting him. Trying to keep quiet.

It was after Mr. got home and talked to him, let him sniff his hand that we left for about an hour, less than two. I had a feeling Emmy was waiting for us to be gone. When we got home I went in first to check on him and found he had died. The usual sobbing began and Mr. headed outside to dig a hole in the front flower bed for him. We have a large rock that came from the hole that the girls will be painting with his name to place as a marker.

The most painful thing was the littlest crying and asking who she was going to cuddle with. Emmy was with her every night, next to her, never leaving until morning. Sometimes sleeping ON her head-I couldn’t find those pictures but I have them somewhere. My cat that I brought home from the SPCA 12 years ago adopted my youngest as HIS person.

He lived a full, well loved life.

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One thought on “Ode to the fat

  1. Wendy S August 4, 2013 at 1:11 pm Reply

    I’m so sorry to hear about Emmy and the heart break. I have two very beloved cats and know one day I will have to say goodbye to them which tears me up. I can only pray they have a gentle passing like Emmy did.

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