Educational plan *SO FAR*

Educational plan for August 2013-August 2014 *Not listing documentaries, T4L lessons, or literature to be read (that would take quite awhile is and always changing)
Proposed curriculum for Spider Monkey

Math: Combination of Workbook and online

Geography: Continuing review of countries, states, capitals, etc
The Young People’s Atlas of the United States
Clearly Social Studies, Gr. 5

Bite-Size Science: Everything You Need to Know About Science in Small, Easily-Digestible Portions
Earth Matters
Science Essentials, Grades 5 – 6


Art:  Use of Wii’s uDraw system, and hands on projects
Classic Composers
Masterpiece, the World’s Greatest Paintings

P.E. & Health: Along with in home workouts, hiking, skating, bowling
Your Health, Grade 4

Language Arts:
Elements of Literature: Student Edition Grade 6
Teach Terrific Grammar, Grades 4-5
Reading, Grade 3 (Spectrum)

Proposed curriculum for Little Sizzling Hiney

Word Problems Grade 2
Learning Library Math Grade 2

Don’t Know Much About the 50 States
Macmillan First Atlas

The Usborne Book of Dinosaurs
Natural Science Vol.2 (Golden Book encyclopedia)
Childcraft Vol 4 World And Space

History: Same as Lily (following along)

Art: Same as Lily

P.E. & Health: Same as Lily

Language Arts:
Treasury of Literature: Out of This World

Extra curricular

  1. Foreign Language: Spanish & Sign Language (English)
  2. Penmanship-copy work in cursive and standard
  3. Typing lessons
  4. Memorizations-multiplication facts, state/capitals, etc
  5. Required reading as determined by me, classics and assorted Pagan texts
  6. Animal ‘reports’ using our Wildlife Explorer collection
  7. Work through the entire set of (Enchanted World Series)
  8. Filling our vocabulary box

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One thought on “Educational plan *SO FAR*

  1. Week one, DONE! | Freakshow Minus Tent August 9, 2013 at 12:22 pm Reply

    […] terrible idea provided the work is completed. We’re all still getting used to the very extensive curriculum this year and with the inclusion of an extra curricular day devoted solely to music, art, […]

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