Humpty dumpty

held onto a wall, humpty dumpty had a great fall. Mommy and daddy picked her up again and again. She’ll learn to skate, and that is the end. I know I’m not great with the rhymes. It started as something funny for ‘hump day’ and of course last nights attempts to roller skate.

Spider Monkey’s elbows are a nice dark tan, bruised from falling backwards and slamming down on them for 2 hours. She’s laying on the couch, cuddling with a heating pad; everyone once in awhile rolling over with an, “owww”. It was all laughs when she’d fall until the last half hour, I guess the pain wasn’t as funny anymore. Little Sizzling Hiney isn’t sore but she is sick (so am I , thanks little ms. for drinking out of MY cup) so while daddy is at work the house is creeping along on our daily activities.

Both girls did fantastic last night, over all. Putting on the skates at first was…as expected, almost catastrophic. Neither could even stand on their own. We tried the little wood floor practice rink, and alternated back and forth with trips around the full size rink on the carpeted area. First it was just walk, then onto how to prevent falling. LSH picked up quickly the idea of leaning forward rather than back when you loose balance. SM not so much, as evident by her elbows. From 6-8.15pm they progressed to being able to take a trip around the main skate floor, slowly. They seemed to get better every time they came back from the lap around the carpet area, I guess finding their balance.

They loved every second of it, falling, pain, sweating, it was the most wonderful thing to them. 2 hours of fun, and a new experience for $5. Admission and skate rental, I didn’t skate and Mr. brought his inlines. Everyone is wanting to go back next week, and who knows I may even try my skates, in lines as well, but I am terrible at skating on them. Maybe I can get some pictures next time; it wasn’t possible (even if I had remembered to put the memory card in the camera) with trying to teach the littles to skate.


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