Tie Dye photos

First thing first, for the love of your table, cover it with newsprint-glossy would be best. Then top with at minimum one of your rattiest, clean up towels. I happen to have an impressive collection of these.

step 1, paper the tabletowel down for step 2

Get the set up arranged, dyes activated and generally ready to work. I used an old shirt of mine as an example of what we were about to do.

ready to goDSCN0447

The girls picked their ‘dye patterns’ and began to twist, roll and rubber band it into position.

which pattern shall I choose?spiral tie dyeprepping your patterncurl up and dye shirtstripes-tie dye shirttie dye spiralspiral dye pattern on Spider Monkey's shirtmom's shirt covered in dye

Are you seeing the spots on the red towel? It soaked through and onto the paper-which saved my table top.

Little sizzling hiney shirt after coloringstained red towel, saved my table

Ta-Da!!! Shirts are clean, and dry. The white spaces filled in with a light shade of the lightest color. I’m very pleased with the results; more importantly the girls LOVE their new shirts.

Finished tie dye shirts


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