Slip and slide

We went to a birthday party for Mr’s co-workers son. He turned 7 today so we headed to out to pick up a lego gift and over to their house for water balloons, cupcakes, squirt guns, and so on. Great fun was had by all, so much that the Mr. decided to take a run at the slip and slide.

Aviary Photo_130182243722562828Aviary Photo_130182244111006693

At one point the birthday boy had to leave and visit urgent care for a gash he got in his eyebrow. It was quick and everyone waited for him to get back for the piñata and cake.

Aviary Photo_130182244969794831Aviary Photo_130182245390218930Aviary Photo_130182245740754198Aviary Photo_130182246343080290Aviary Photo_130182246753363727Aviary Photo_130182247690939161Aviary Photo_130182250926415175

We’ve been looking into ways to do more. More hiking, more skating, bowling, bike riding. Just more than what we’re always done-which is hang around the house and play video games and watch tv. Sure we’d go on the occasional outing but not enough, and that is what we’re hoping to fix. Aviary Photo_130182249067809235Aviary Photo_130182250466521893Aviary Photo_130182251485211320Aviary Photo_130182248165807090Aviary Photo_130182252014524878

Wish us luck on our new adventures, outings, and fun. A change in life, a refocus.


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