A couple photos

I took a picture yesterday while we worked on the kitchen. Spider Monkey putting things back into the cabinets after they had been wiped out. DSCN0299

We’ve already done this little ‘experiment’ but both the girls claim they don’t remember it…yet they both knew what would happen to the egg. Isn’t that curious. Oh well it’s no loss.


Today is living room. I’ve covered the floor with baking soda which is going to sit while we read, and later will be vacuumed up and the furniture moved to do the same under. There may be floor steaming, I haven’t decided yet.

I’ve still not been able to find my iPod. Its as if it just walked away. I’m really frustrated, and don’t want to buy a THIRD one…the first was lost at Target and this one..no clue. I’m holding out hope that it will reappear.


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One thought on “A couple photos

  1. Elishiva July 11, 2013 at 11:56 am Reply

    “What is lost will now be found.”

    I repeat that as I go through my day when I lose something valuable or precious and within 24 hours it turns up.

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