The kitchen it smells of bleach!

Bleach isn’t used often, but sometimes I just feel the need to kill every damn organism on a surface!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was going back to type a personality mode. Lists, schedules, charts, and so on. The girls will follow suit and be subject to my expectations, my time frames, and so on. It has worked best in the past but I allowed it to slack off and go into my OTHER style which is entirely free flow and unfortunately lazy.

Today is kitchen day, so…

  1. steam floors
  2. inside and outside of cabinets
  3. scrub sink & put baking soda down drain followed by vinegar and last boiling water.
  4. counters, fronts of appliances all cleaned.
  5. mix new cleaning sprays if necessary
  6. wipe walls, windows, etc.
  7. purge-throw out excess. Lids, jars that I’m not using.

Part of this whole dusting off and flipping over a ‘new’ leaf is streamlining life. Quick, efficient, and removal of as much toxic energy as possible. A mess, for example my bedroom floor being covered in laundry, will lead to toxic energy. People lead to toxic energy.

I’m in the process, as you can tell, of revamping the blog. I added a page which is so far incomplete, listing our online curriculum. I’ll continue adding the current books and items we use as I get time.

This cute little post-it is beyond accurate. I’ve become my mother, my husband has become his father. I have to be a better example, stop the do it later mentality. Stop allowing negativity, and start being a great example to the girls. I’m not a terrible example but anyone can be a better version of themselves and that’s what we (both Mr. and myself) are working on.


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