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Yeah I’m not sure what to title this post as so that’s what you’re getting…

Last night was a rough night. The kids have been…less than stellar and I’ve been letting Mr. deal with them. Letting him get a first hand experience of my stress, which results in much less stress for me. It’s the same issues that I can’t really find a root cause but I’ve long suspected it relates to the death of my mom and moving. Both events happened in less than a year and at 3 and 5 I guess it was traumatic? That is when the problems started, at least.

I’m not sure how to go about dealing with it because much like myself if they don’t want to talk about it, you’ll get NOTHING from them. They don’t know why they behave this way except they didn’t want to do this or that, or some other generic excuse. The problem doesn’t exist in their mind so they can’t tell anything. I have noticed when we follow a rigid schedule they seem to be much less defiant so we’re going back to that. 

I’m reworking my mom brain/ household binders to make a smaller one, a simple planner. Something that is a detailed plan for each day, minus all the other sections of information that I don’t need daily access too-they can remain in the current binder. Yes I know I am constantly changing things up, I can’t seem to find the perfect fit on this method of organization. I can either be a total free spirit or an uber a type personality and I guess I’ll have to go w/ type a for the girls sake. 


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