Another change, night and day.

Mr. had last night off and will be going back on day shift as of Monday. The company is pulling everyone onto day shift for the time being so joy oh joy we can switch back to a ‘normal’ sleep schedule. I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not. I’m not a fan of change, and being awake during these lovely hot summer days isn’t something I’m looking forward too. No idea how long this is last. I guess, big picture, he HAS a job so all is well.

I have pinto beans, ground beef, and tomato sauce in the works for our 9am ‘dinner’. I’m thinking I’ll head to bead after that, I’m exhausted. Zombie Killer and Little Sizzling Hiney passed out around 1am and Spider Monkey was 6ish. I’ll probably be the only one to sleep today…maybe just a nap will help me switch over to sleeping at night again. I hope. 

No idea what this weekend holds for us. Suggestion of camping but it’s very last minute and our friend Russell’s land doesn’t have water-my preference for camping. I wish we could take the girls to the land my aunt owns, where I used to camp as a kid. I hold all other locations to it and none have measured up so far. Land, fish, wildlife, a cabin if tents aren’t preferred, it’s just gorgeous. Maybe we can go to the park, the girls have been wanting too and two birds w/ one stone if we walk.


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