Summer time

Do you homeschoolers take a break from lessons during the summer? We don’t stop lessons but things definitely slow down. It’s more reading, more videos and a lot more focus on fitness. I’m not sure how we’ve found that to be our pattern but it is and works well. Spring, and summer we walk more, we camp and sit on the porch to read. 

Spider Monkey is in the beginning of LotR, and will be watching the movie as soon as it’s completed. I think it’s a good choice for her, with her fixation on the Skyrim game and general affinity for gnomes, fairies, and such. 

Little Sizzling Hiney has created a little notebook to draw and write about bugs she collects. Bugs is an all inclusive word for any sort of creepy, crawly, slimy, creature. She will pick up almost any insect we come across and claims it’s her friend….I wonder if she has a future in entomology. Image

I’ve been considering an entire blog revamp; layout, links, the works. It feels to busy, too much going on. As I change (and I do frequently) it should change with me, and I feel a personal evolution coming on-you know, the next stage of who I am and will be. For example, I mentioned fitness and I have in the past-as a parental responsibility and yet I don’t have a lot related to that subject. 

Spider Monkey has changed her mind (yet again) on her future career and wants to be an athlete-which isn’t too terribly far fetched, the girl CAN run. So after our last walk she came home and looked up a kids fitness series on youtube to start following. 

Well it’s getting close to 5am and I’m about to wake the girls up from their little nap to head out on an early morning nap. We are still on the 3rd shift pattern but it’s been off this week so I’m going to get them up and try to keep them up until it’s time to go to bed. Power sleeping, they are masters! 

Have a good day.


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