Walking at night

As we are a third shift schedule type of family our adventures don’t follow a typical timeline. Our walks for example, usually occur sometime between 9:30pm and midnight. Last night we left the house around 11:00 for our walk and I was able to get a few photos.

The Spider Monkey decided she wanted to go barefoot, which of course I have no objection too. I notice in the photos there are a few spots, they increase quite a bit in a certain area of town.


This is the start of the sudden dusty photos. It’s approx a two block area that has this issue.


There is the end of the dusty pics and onto normal photos again. Strange isn’t it.DSCN0074DSCN0075DSCN0076

A walk for us wouldn’t be complete w/o picking up at least one creature and carrying home a handful of the yellow honey suckles to snack on.

We came home to YouTube lessons and a time wasting adventure into cupcake decorating videos.


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