Piled high with veggies.

It’s lunch time and the girls have their red plastic lunch trays piled with veggies, and prego’s heart healthy sauce in the round section for dipping. Better than ranch I suppose and its very healthy overall. The choppy, oversized chunks are due to their preparation of lunch. CIMG0851CIMG0852

While they’re munching, I’m working on a huge printer ink destroying project. I’m making them cute periodic table character cards. I’ve shared it before but incase it was missed I’m sharing it again.

Earlier we went to the flea market and then stopped by a local store to wander around and we came across this interesting camo. It seems you need woodland, scent blocking camo…otherwise the FISH might see you and be spooked. Yeah.


I need to get going and finish painting my bedroom trim; behind the bed and dresser. It’s looking very nice, and finally the way I had intended. I’ll need many more gallons of paint to continue the same color through the entire house. It’s the one tie in to our vastly different room themes.

I’ve also adjusted Spider Monkey’s Time4Learning up to grade 4. She’s more excited about doing lessons. As usual we don’t truly follow a grade level, both her Little Sizzling Hiney are doing work in multiple levels as they are able.


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