When did we stop being responsible parents?

All over the interwebs floats the story of a 5 year old boy in Kentucky who shot his sister and killed her. The story isn’t much different from one source to the next, and sadly neither is the reaction. I’m finding the issue with this situation to be…

“We need to regulate how guns are stored.”

“Who gives a 5 year old a gun for their birthday.”

“How can a 5 year old own a gun?”

Do you see what’s bothering me about these reactions? I am a big supporter of firearms, my daughters share the same type of gun this child was given. The oldest received it as a Yule gift, so the fact that this negligent homicide (I’m not calling this an accident and I’ll explain why..) even occurred infuriates me, almost as much as the reactions to it. This post appears entirely focused on guns but my true issue is this push the blame, it’s not my fault, irresponsible, victim mentality that so many have adopted. I’m sure most would say that the parents are of course at fault but something has to be done to keep it from happening again. You cannot regulate stupidity out of existence.

First off the cricket is a single shot bolt action .22 which means (incase it needs clarification) it holds ONE, 1, uno rounds. How a parent could forget that it was loaded is mind boggling. This child sized firearm also comes with a keyed lock that holds the bolt open, you cannot fire a round if it is locked. Finally and most importantly, it was left sitting within reach of a child, a loaded weapon. Three terrible choices and this family has lost a child. To me this is not an accident, it was severe negligence that resulted in death. Not that it really changes anything but based on the previous issues I suspect this little boy was also never given proper, thorough instruction in firearm safety.

Why does the focus seem to be on the gun? We need to regulate how guns are stored, and this and that and we ignore that these parents SCREWED UP. Can we regulate common sense? Can we regulate some sort of responsibility? The investigators, the parents are calling this an accident but it’s not. They allowed this to happen, by being careless. Certainly if the rifle wasn’t in the house it wouldn’t have happened but I really can’t feel certain that some other tragedy wouldn’t have befallen these children with parents who lack foresight. Who lack common sense to such an extreme.

I really don’t know what may or may not have happened. What I do know is this increasing trend that people have to blame everything but THEMSELVES, is disturbing. This carries over into so many things-school grades, the size soft drink you can purchase, etc. When did we stop teaching our children that they need to use the gray matter in their skull? I’ve become very pessimistic about humanity, and really don’t think it’s possible to NOT know how to teach your kids better than yourself. Unless you live under a rock, then people are exposed to ideas to information. Most choose not to use it because it requires effort. It’s easier to be lazy and assume ‘it won’t happen to you’. The family this happened to likely had access to the internet, and television and have heard the stories of negligence and yet made no effort to ensure it didn’t happen to them.

“What will it take for gun owners to be responsible”-well MOST are. Most pit bull owners train their dogs properly but we don’t hear about them, we hear about attacks. We don’t hear about the responsible owners because it doesn’t sell, no sensationalism to get people riled up but there are many stories out there of the responsible owners if you dig for them.


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6 thoughts on “When did we stop being responsible parents?

  1. lafemmet May 3, 2013 at 12:53 am Reply

    Amen Sister!I have been saying the same things for a long time regarding sooo many things. People aren’t using their brains. Like when the lady sued McDonalds for burning herself with hot coffee. I am reposting this and putting it on FB… I would make copies and post them all over the U.S. if I could. Great job. Well written. Bravo.

  2. lafemmet May 3, 2013 at 12:53 am Reply

    Reblogged this on Chronicles of Serbia.

  3. Alecia Ludwick-Jones May 3, 2013 at 1:07 am Reply

    I don’t feel it’s a ‘well written’ piece but it gets the message across. People, parents are becoming lazy and it’s making our entire society weak. Every single day there is another instance of idiotic parenting and of the GOV abusing their power when the parents did the right thing!.

  4. Multifarious meanderings May 3, 2013 at 2:07 am Reply

    I don’t take the same stand as you on firearms, but I totally agree about people being less and less responsible for their actions as time goes on. I’m beginning to wonder if there shouldn’t be a licence for parenting…..

  5. Alecia Ludwick-Jones May 3, 2013 at 2:27 am Reply

    I have joked about a requirement for breeding…sadly with the abuses of politicians that cannot be trusted. I’m not opposed to the other humorous idea of removing warning labels from products…natural selection is not necessarily a bad thing. 😀 Oh it’s getting late….

  6. T. Shearer May 3, 2013 at 7:06 am Reply

    Okay, where to even begin. I guess a bit of background. I am borderline pagan. I support gun rights. I am largely liberal, though I by no means follow a party line. That’s just so you know the direction I am coming at this from.
    These parents were idiots. Let’s get that straight. Leaving the gun loaded…idiotic. The key lock left unlocked…pretty stupid (though having not read the root article, maybe the kid got hold of the key, who knows), as for training in handling a firearm, again who knows. The kid might have been drilled like an army private for all we know. In the end, kids do stupid things, end of story. This is why they are penalized less for the wrongs they do than adults.
    The parents should have been there, with the kids, if the gun was not in a gun cabinet and the child should not have had access to it without an adult being present…sort of like a 15yr old learner driver and car keys….except you work on the basis that the kid is going to try and “play” with the gun without your knowledge so they can try all the things you’ve told them are wrong. We’re talking about kids. You might think that a properly trained child would know better. They do. That’s why they do things on the sly and break the rules so often…so they can try the stuff you say is wrong. No amount of training is going to make a kid any less of a kid.
    As for parents getting lazy or dumber over time…
    I doubt this is true. Parents will always expend the same amount of effort to ensure their kids safety as they always have. Some do more, some do less. When most of us adults were kids, there was always the dirty, smelly kid at school. Maybe it was poverty, and maybe it was simple neglect. Most of us knew some child who either died via misadventure (aka stupidity) or simply never came home one day (and maybe they found the body, maybe they didn’t). It might not have been in your class or your school, but someone in your extended vicinity probably died, or at the very least, ended up with a broken arm or leg because of idiocy….it’s the same level of parenting, just with less deadly results.
    We always like to think the past is some sort of golden age. The truth is, the past was as deadly or worse for kids than it is today. The difference is, when we were kids, the story of a child shooting his sister in Tennessee would never have reached any of us in Maryland, or California, or Idaho or Maine. We simply would never have heard about it. The internet is the great campfire around which stories circulate and circulate and never die. They become urban legend and are told and retold ad infinitum as discretionary tales.
    The result is a society that not only hears about sad or scary incidents, but we hear about them as if they happened right in our own neighborhoods. We’ve become paranoid as a society. The result is a story of a boy shooting his sister half a continent away feeling like it happened right next door. And so we grow scared and bubble wrap our children and coddle them and protect them from every conceivable incident.
    The fact is, sad as it is, this is one rifle death out of roughly 400 rifle deaths per year in a nation of roughly 312,000,000. To give some perspective, an NFL stadium holds at most 100,000 people. It would take 100 stadiums to hold a million people. A tiny fraction of 1 percent.
    The fact that these parents were stupid, idiotic individuals with no fore-thought simply means they are and always have been one of a small fraction of people call it 1 percent, who are stupid. That is a 1,000 per stadium…
    In short, people are no dumber than they ever were. We just hear about it more.

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