Garden and school room. Photos

If you notice in this photo there are two darker rows behind Little Sizzling Hiney, those are where my onions went and they are placing the cucumbers along the back edge. Plenty of space for the vines to grow up.

placing cucumber seedlings to plantdigging a hole to plant our food

spider monkey showing me what she's discovered

LSH planting a cucumber seedling. We don’t eat cucumbers but soak them in evil (vinegar) and we will munch the hell out of some sweet pickles.

grow your own food


planting cucumbers in urban garden

Yes we are barefoot in the garden quite a bit.

If you follow my facebook/twitter account you may have noticed my comment about wanting to rearrange the school room. This is what was accomplished last night. Much more to do on the other side of the room but I’m EXTREMELY happy with how it’s coming together.

homeschool room with yellow and orange walls


This is the new reading space. A nice comfy chair to curl up in.

green reading chair in homeschool room

This video was said to be NSF, but I missed the nudity…an outline of breast certainly but not what I’d consider offensive. Either way here is a video I came across and enjoyed.


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