Early morning coffee

It’s early morning for most people, yes of course it’s morning time wise. At the freakshow however, it’s evening. Soon Zombie Killer will be off work and headed home for dinner and whatever else before bed around noon. The overnight schedule is working out-difficult still but not as bad as it was. We’re taking walks shortly after the Mr. leaves at night to get our day started.

It occurred to me over the weekend, the girls have memorized a lot of basic information by songs, many of the elements and countries of the world specifically. But putting it to real use…not so much. They have spent the past two days going over the song and looking for the countries on their intelliglobe which is proving quite the challenge. Eventually it will be figured out, at least enough that they know round about where the country is if not pin point location.

They continue foreign language; 30 minutes each of Spanish and German and they watch a movie in French each school day. French isn’t a priority, but I like the idea of them learning to enjoy shows in foreign languages and possibly picking up a few words just through listening. Today is Jetson’s the movie. I’d like to do all of the Harry Potter movies one week, just haven’t gotten to those. I have no real expectation of them learning any French from this activity but it doesn’t hurt anything.

I have so many things I need to get done-my motivation has been lacking, ok completely missing is a better way to say it.

  • Drop off clothing donations
  • Scan and create digital resume for the Mr. (No he’s not looking but it’s not a bad idea to have it complete)
  • Move sewing table back to laundry room
  1. Sew!
  2. Clean, organize laundry room.
  • Finish my reading!
  • Get plants INTO the ground-it should be safe by now. They’re getting a bit big for their little pods.

Uh-Oh Mr. just called, they asked if he could stay later. Not sure how late he’s going to be now…not that it really changes anything I just worry about his sleep, is he taking time to eat and all that. I have a chili skillet started for our dinner-really just a THICK beans, ground meat, and tomato sauce. That’s it, that’s the one thing that changes with him working later than expected, he won’t be eating w/ us.

I hope to make another post sooner, I really have had a lot to say but not the time to get it done….I haven’t made the time to get it done.


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