Nachtzeit homeschool

It’s 3am and we’re mid way through our typical homeschool day. At night. It’s confusing, we’re kind of tired but glad that we can make this work. Our daily routine is being shifted to going bed around 12-1pm and getting up at 7, this is subject to change as we figure this whole situation out. We have time in the morning to get things done that may be necessary-grocery shopping, library, etc.

The Mr. was moved to night shift (10pm-6am), which many would assume is a negative thing. It’s actually a promotion, he’s proven himself to the company and they made him the night foreman/supervisor. He’s pleased with this for a lot of reason, first that they trust him. It’s also slower overnight with fewer people to deal with.

Yet again I have to say how glad I am we homeschool. This arrangement wouldn’t be possible and would likely lead to problems otherwise. Trying to keep the girls quiet while daddy sleeps, trying not to get cranky with him because I wouldn’t see him much.

I’ve been hearing more and more the question, “what’s their grade level?” and it’s becoming more frustrating. We don’t follow grades, and while it’s a simple response that has yet to draw a negative reaction; I can’t understand why people assume a grade level means….anything. I heard it today at the library when picking out new books and honestly I have no idea what Spider Monkey’s reading level is, I know it’s significantly higher than what would be common for many 8 year olds. She’s reading a Christopher Pike book, The Last Vampire for her own enjoyment and her required reading (for lessons) is The Neverending Story. I’m starting her on thicker, classic stories. According to Amazon that book is a Grade 5, ages 10+ range. I notice the books they’re picking at the library tend to be 2 years ahead of them, Little Sizzling Hiney for example is getting into the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

When The Zombie Killer gets home the plan is for breakfast and head to get groceries. He’s off the next two nights but we’re going to attempt to stick to the new time so we can get used to it.


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2 thoughts on “Nachtzeit homeschool

  1. Veroncia April 20, 2013 at 3:01 pm Reply

    Good luck! Kenneth works a similar shift (more like 4pm-3am or so) and I haven’t had the guts to switch us to this kind of schedule. And it is a major pain in the ass trying to keep kids quiet all morning, especially a 12 month old. Hope it all works out for you guys.

    • Alecia Ludwick-Jones April 21, 2013 at 9:44 am Reply

      Thanks, it’s proving to be difficult to full on shift sleep patterns. As a teenager no problem being awake all night but now, sheesh I can’t sit and watch tv or read; my brain says time to sleep. We’ll get it though, slowly but surely. Up a bit later and sleep in later 😀

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