rainbows and blossoms

This is MY antique rocker that I sit in when we’re on the front porch. It’s been taking quite the beating, and had dried and faded horribly. So today it got a brought inside for a new coat of stain and in my not so humble opinion it looks FANTASTIC. CIMG0767


This past Sunday we spent the majority of our time outside cleaning up, mowing and collecting junk to dispose of. I rearranged the bird furniture to a typically shady area of the yard so I have more space for growing.


Speaking of growing, look what is; dwarf apple and peach trees.

CIMG0768CIMG0764Needing to freshen up our porch table and chairs but not wanting to spend a fortune I went with spray paint. A quick fix, and a much more fun place to eat and grill.

CIMG0760CIMG0763Saturday we went to visit family and came home with these two odd plastic pieces. So far they’re not collecting anything besides ants but I suspect that has to do with the quantity of sugar I put in the containers. CIMG0765CIMG0766


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