Snippets of conversation and snails in handbags

My offspring are sitting on the living room floor with a small stack of books by each. Today was library day, and will be each Friday (unless we change the day) on. They’re only allowed to get a few books, unlike before they would get nearly 20 a piece and so many went unread. I’m also going to pick up a book for each to read as part of their lessons; not that we don’t have plenty to read at home but I found a gorgeous copy of the Neverending Story that Spider Monkey must read (ok I may read it myself as well).

On the way home Little Sizzling Hiney tells me;

“A long time ago on Time4Learning, I learned Monday and Friday, the days daddy works, are called week days. I still remember that, I keep it in the storage part of my brain.”

“I’m going to collect snails, and I’ll make houses for them and some will have to live together if I run out of places to put them.” As she’s putting a snail she found on the sidewalk into her purse.

Further along I looked to Spider Monkey who was carrying the big bag o’ books and said she looked like she was carry treasure the way she was holding it. She told me; “Its got my favorite books in here! It is treasure!”

I may have Little Sizzling Hiney do some research about snails and let her set up a tank for her ‘collection’. Worst thing is she won’t take care of them and I have to toss them into the yard. There really is an abundance of snails around our area, many can be found on our rock wall out front.


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