Tackled this Tuesday; my coffee pot is gross!

cake pan basil breadshepards pie

I made 5 batches of bread dough yesterday; 3 for the freezer and two to bake. We had the regular loaf with dinner and above you can see what I’ve done with the fifth batch-flattened it into a cake pan. I’m not sure how this will turn out but it’s going to be my base for shepherds pie. It’s a favorite of the Zombie Killer but this hasn’t been tried.

I caught a few pictures of the girls doing their school work. Science, geography, art, handwriting all bundled into some fun. We’re continuing the foreign language exploration, Spanish this week. We got a decent amount accomplished today and planned a few lessons for tomorrow. As usual if I come upon anything special that might be of use to others I will share it here, which links to my facebook page, and twitter page.

arizona coloring page from crayola.comspider monkey coloring South Dakota coloring page from crayola.comcompleted coloring pages from crayola.com elementary art, drawing a quartz clusterresearching animals with wildlife explorer bindersreasearching barn owls from wildlife explorer

Today was my kitchen cleaning day, got it done in around 4 hours. Top to bottom, the ceiling was what really got me on time today-I can’t remember the last time I cleaned the ceiling! Also while boiling bones I splashed broth (very fatty, greasy broth) onto the stove which was a ‘joy’ to clean up.

Below is the gunk that came through my coffee pot during it’s vinegar rinse (apple cider vinegar-that’s why the off color). So…did you get any spring cleaning done? When did you last clean your kitchen ceiling or worse, pull the stove drawer out and clean under it.

sediment from cleaning coffee maker with vinegar


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