A few pages from my household binder


I created a pinterest board to store (and share!) the printables or websites for anyone else who is interested in creating their own little mommy manual. There are possibly duplicates of the same image but they direct you to different webpages for more information.

Household Binder Pins


I have no idea where I found this picture, who created it….nothing. I simply printed, colored and stuck it on the front of my binder as a fun cover image.


This is something that took awhile to decide on, I wasn’t sure if I wanted too add something like it or not. Create your manifesto here.


This isn’t complete yet, I’m testing out what days work best before settling on this. Usually Monday is my baking day as the Living Room (my room for the day) doesn’t take a lot of time to complete. Also handy for reminders of play dates, trips, etc.


Basic to-do list. There are a LOT of them out there and this just happens to be the one I settled on.


Entire purpose of this is to keep track of the man’s work hours. I’m so used to his check getting messed up (last company), BUT with them the hours were for that week. This new one it’s for the previous week so…you may need it you may not.


This is subject to change any time. It’s the closest estimate of what we DO during the day, how things work.


My deep cleaning list is shorter than a lot you’ll see online, but I clean a tad more thoroughly than most average chore lists suggest. I have too, we suffer from old house syndrome; when you dust…next day it looks like you haven’t.


The entire cleaning plan, every day (of course I miss days sometimes…usually weekends) and it doesn’t go into a great detail of exactly how I’m cleaning because I know-don’t need to explain it LOL.


My concoctions to clean, and maintain. I don’t have a lot of store bought cleaners… I do have bleach, because sometimes I feel the need to use it.


Wiped this off to share but it’s just a basic breakdown of where the finances are, or should be.


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