Where do I begin?

I’ve let the blog go for a couple of weeks. A lot has been going on…

  • We lost a friend (neighbor) to a car accident. As any car accident it was out of no where. We were able to attend his funeral with Zombie Killer working nights that week…it was an interesting experience.
  • Helped two friends move to a new (awesome) house, the ladies who were watching the girls while we attended CERT class. The whole situation was terrible but it seems like it’s going to work out GREAT for them.
  • Finished CERT class. Last day we got to play with fire extinguishers, and had a ‘light bulb’ moment; added getting ours checked yearly to my deep clean list.
  • Cleaned up the biohazard area that was my laundry room. It was truly atrocious, it’s STILL filthy but…I wouldn’t even have taken a before photo to compare.
  • The room a day cleaning is going great as is my binder, another friend is working on hers as well.
  • I stopped reading for some reason. No reason, just feel like I’m constantly busy with SOMETHING. The next big project is the school room, I want to reorganize my file cabinets, sort owners manuals (I need to recycle some of them)

I’m trying to get more organized, and spring is coming so garden planning is in the works. We’re getting a monstrous snow storm tonight that MAY put Mr. out of work tomorrow. I hope not, we are trying to get balanced still from the job changes. Possibility of 10”-14” of snow over night so he’s going to park the car down on the road in front of the house.

My washer has had issues for a long time, leaking from the front of the door. Today I watched a few videos in preparation for tearing it apart to see what EXACTLY is going on before I spend $120 on a part that might fix it. Since earlier when I stuck the shop vac down into it’s little ‘trap’ the leak has either slowed or stopped. Not entirely sure so my tomorrow plan includes pulling it out and taking a peek.

My never ending to-do list. Well at least things on it ARE getting done. Off I go to get some more accomplished.


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