A mother’s work is never done.

Figuratively and lately I feel this is literal. I know it’s not, I’m just very busy around the house. This new job the Zombie Killer has is working out beautifully so far and he feels, as we all seem too, that it’s a new start so there is a lot going on. What’s going on around here? Well…

  • back onto my one room a day cleaning method. It DOES help save time once you’ve gotten that first good cleaning done-that’s the stage I’m in.
  • Printing, organizing and rearranging my household binder. Had to upgrade to a LARGER binder in fact.  Do you have one of these handy deals? Go to pinterest and search, the printables you’ll find are great!
  • Still doing a lot of extra cooking and freezing. Today was cookie day, so I have a roll of simple chocolate cookies and a roll of gingersnaps in the freezer.
  • Our C.E.R.T. class is almost completed. I look forward to our next adventure; I think it will be volunteering with the red cross as an emergency responder.
  • Girls have been plowing through their Time4Learning recently trying to push and finish this grade level off. I have quite a pile of books, and dvds that I need to pass along (Little Einstein’s for example). I have a feeling it’s going to be a freecycle lot.

Now for some irritating news. We just got the last paycheck in from the previous company and it seems…short. I’m sure it’s just me being cranky. Why am I cranky? Along with that mail we got ANOTHER bill from DC for parking tickets (in my name btw since the car is in my name) that were supposed to have been paid MONTHS ago by the former company. Nope, so guess who owes $290 that we were told had been paid. FANTASTIC.

I haven’t been keeping up on my previous posting schedule, just so much going on I haven’t even had time to really write much in my personal journal. A lot to say but barely enough ‘down time’ to get it all out on paper.


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