Thankful Thursday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these types of posts but I’m really feeling it today. For one day this week the zombie killer was unemployed, for one day there was no source of income. Of course he knew he was going to be working and had the job lined up but the day came he gave his boss the two weeks notice and that same day they very nicely let him go. Telling him of course he was welcome back but their jobs were slowing and they wanted to keep the other guys busy. We had no idea if he was going to be waiting two weeks to start the new job at that point, so he called and we waited.

Yesterday morning his phone rang around 7:30am and it was the new company asking if he wanted to come in-that day! So the new job came earlier, everything worked out as it should and all is well. He did regret the previous nights lack of sleep! He is off today technically but has to watch 8 hours of training videos, logging them and will be paid for the time. He’ll work Friday and possibly Saturday and begin a normal schedule next week.

For the past few months we have felt as if we were sinking, struggling just to stay afloat financially. It was getting stressful, and suddenly it’s as if we have been pulled from a dark hole and set squarely on the green grass. It feels as if so much is going to change, almost a new start. The old job was such a drain (grateful that there was a job but whew) on time and money. What once was a 1.5hr (or worse) drive to work and costing $25-$30+ DAILY in fuel is now 45 minutes and $15-$20. Possibly less if he trades off driving days with a man who lives on the way to the job.

They’re paying for his training, special protective ware (which isn’t his to keep but it’s a very expensive piece) and benefits start after 45 days. There was mention of possible overtime late next month, and it seems like it will be less physically taxing on him. It seems almost too good to be true but that often happens after a longer period of darkness…metaphorically speaking.


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