Childrens participation in protests

Yesterday we took a walk down town and met up with a friend of ours, one of the ladies who have been watching the girls for us while we attend our CERT classes. She was participating in a marriage equality action, holding signs and all that. Naturally we picked up some signs and hung around until it ended.

I’ve come across so many posts on social media saying they don’t think kids should be involved in protests and such things. I completely disagree! I think it’s a case by case basis of course, some kids do not understand what they’re supporting or opposing but this particular case is close to home. We have family, not blood but still, who are married and the same sex. No they may not be legally married in this state but they were in another and that is exactly the issue.

One of their friends has two moms. This friend has a divorced mom who married a woman. That they understand. They know that there is a legal difference between their mom and dad and their friend’s moms but they don’t see a difference between their parents and her parents (aside from the obvious).

  • All they SEE is that there is a difference in how they are treated vs. how we are treated.
  • They SEE that people don’t think it should be allowed, and say hateful things.
  • They SEE that their friend’s moms, their parents friends have to do something, ANYTHING to be recognized as a couple when their own mom and dad do not.

They see a lot of things, they understand a lot of things because of what they see. One they don’t understand is why it’s happening. I have a hard time explaining this without coming across as hateful myself, because the simple fact that I have to explain this infuriates me. That it’s nearly impossible to not disrespect another’s belief system when I try to explain how some people use their religion to justify the things said and done to the people they care about.

But with their understanding, with their personal experience on this issue I feel completely vindicated in their participation in these actions.


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One thought on “Childrens participation in protests

  1. lafemmet February 14, 2013 at 5:02 am Reply

    SO glad you are teaching your girls to love and not judge as so many others do. I will teach Millie the same. I feel like the Same sex marriage thing is the civil rights fight of our generation. I am just no sure if we have a Martin or Martina Luther.

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