A huge change coming on quick

The zombie killer gave his two week notice to the boss today, making sure to let them know he really has enjoyed working for them and that he just has to do, what’s best for him/us. He’s been with this company for just around 3 years and they have been amazing, a very family oriented small company but the drive into the city every day and the cost of fuel has been a huge issue for us. He’s looked and talked to a few companies in the past months but finally a great one is taking him in, the plan was to start in two weeks.


This afternoon he talked to the boss again who told him that because work for them was slowing to go ahead and take his leave. He did appreciate zk’s notice and welcomed him back anytime in the future but wants to keep the other guys on steady work. It’s disappointing because we count on each weekly check but it’s not something totally expected. He’s going to call the new company tomorrow and see if he can get started with them earlier than planned.

I haven’t written in my private journal since last Thursday, and am really slacking here. It’s been quite a busy few days, a lot of running around. A lot of things getting done that don’t take up a whole day yet, looking back… I’m not sure where I had any free time to write or blog. Interesting how that works. I’ve been reading the bell jar, trying to read it…just like trying to keep up on my journalling!

The big focus right now besides the job has been paying back taxes (done) and getting my van back on the road. I renewed the tags today so only issue is alignment and back tires…I think they need to be replaced but I’m not sure, they may just need a patch. Either way I feel as if I’m getting a new car, it’s been so long since I’ve had the van available to just go anytime I wanted. Interestingly I was watching cable at a friends house and saw a commercial for a new car and felt a ‘want’ for it, a mindless sort of new shiny toy want. Looking at it later that evening I realized since we don’t have cable I don’t feel that sort of desire for unnecessary things because it’s not thrown in our faces. A year without cable and I’ve lost the constant need for new things, but how quickly it returns. A weakness I guess, one I’m glad I noticed.

I’ve been spending a lot of time loving on the old man cat, he’s getting skinnier and skinner and every day I worry if it will be his last with us. He’s eating, and moving around acceptably but I can see his age. He’s 13 if not older, getting him from the SPCA I was never sure his true age but that’s what I know based on the time he’s been with me.

Another big focus for me this past week has been making freezer meals. I’m not sure why I feel such an urgency to do this but I’m not going to fight it. Some would say the freezer is unreliable siècle the electric could go out but it’s rare and there is always bagged ice (after I throw in what I have in the freezer). Just not as much of a con as the pro of having many meals ready to heat. I have 5 meals ready to go as well as a few other treats. I’m planning on a big batch of cinnamon rolls tomorrow for breakfast and to freeze. Plenty of time since dinner is already done for tomorrow.

Have a good night, I just noticed the ninth doctor (dr. Who) actor is also in g.i. Joe so I’m suddenly very interested.


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One thought on “A huge change coming on quick

  1. lafemmet February 12, 2013 at 5:24 am Reply

    Hi Lady. I love reading about the family. Excited for the new job. 🙂 I can relate to the commercials thing… Cable is so different here. Commercials are for other shows even with the kid’s channel (JimJam).JimJam only plays commercials for other cartoons, never for toys. Crazy!, HUH? Definitely not in Kansas anymore.
    This is a different world.

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