Pagan Blog Project-Crafting

Imbolc project!

toilet paper tubes painted to look like candles with tissue paper flamespopsicle sticks painted to look like candles. small wooden craft pieces make the flame

Imbolc much like the Christian Candlemas, is often celebrated with a wreath of candles worn on the head. Imbolc represents purity, growth and renewal, reunion of the God and Goddess, fertility, and preparing for the new. Now with my offspring being chaos incarnate a true wreath and fire are NOT a good combination.

Little Sizzling Hiney cut out green hand shapes to make a wreath for her project. It’s not exactly how we had planned it but still cute.

Little Sizzling Hiney with her wreath on for Imbolc

Spider Monkey was caught mid chew (that’s what the strange expression is about) but here is HER completed project.

Spider Monkey with her Imbolc wreath on


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One thought on “Pagan Blog Project-Crafting

  1. Lily March 25, 2013 at 3:08 am Reply

    Cute idea for the kiddies!

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