Depths of my Dyson

I love my Dyson , I really do. We’ve had our issues over the years-getting clogged, the brush getting damaged and needing replaced. Which by the way was quickly taken care of by customer support! General misbehavior (operator error) but it’s really the best vacuum I’ve ever had. I’ve had my share of vacuums, usually they last a year and die; like so many appliances I have.

Today while I was cleaning I started to think of all the things the Dyson has eaten over the years. Just today it swallowed a small green Monopolyhouse, a blue Game of Lifegame person, a good amount of dirty from a plant knocked over and it’s hard to tell what I DIDN’T see in the canister. When it’s got full suction it can devour a lot of things-it once sucked a latex glove up through it!

Of course I try to avoid such unhealthy vacuum food but things appear under the edges of furniture and along the edge of walls that are easy to over look. I’ve gotten quite skilled and taking it apart and operating on the clogs, a pair of hemostats and a butter knife and you’re good to go. Twist ties or paperclips are the usual cause, catching on the way through the tubes and building up the smaller dirt, dust, and so on that would otherwise fly on through.


What is the weirdest thing you’ve sucked up with your vacuum?


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