Birthday-no, today is NOT my birthday!!

Another day really, another day…but one that was TERRIBLE! It started out as just a normal day. I expected just a normal day really, my birthday isn’t a big deal anymore but what came later was just out of the realm of acceptable. Because of the days events I’ve decided today is not my birthday, this crap doesn’t happen to someone on their birthday! I’m having another day, an unbirthday if you will, will be the yay, happy birthday. All you who sent well wishes are welcome to do it again on a more positive designated date (HAHA).

The girls used their Lowes Build and Grow projects as my gifts, so they were opened early this morning. I got a little ‘go kit’ from the spider monkey. Reference to our prepper philosophy I guess. It’s a simple slide box with a rope handle; a rope handle put together upside down so it could potentially fall open. I don’t care, she made it for me. The Little Sizzling Hiney made me a wooden school house, with an opening lid-a small recipe box is what it looks like. I’m not sure what I’ll store in it but I’m happy to have it. She even used the stickers correctly, something she didn’t do on HER little school house.

That was great; had some coffee and a small bowl of the apple butter, coconut, granola we made yesterday. Then came time to make the birthday treats-the oatmeal cookies I made recently but with Spider monkey baking them on her own. That didn’t work out, the fats weren’t softened when she tried to mix so the entire recipe didn’t work out. I saved it with adding water to the blend and baking as is.

While she was doing that I was attempting to take an online FEMA course that is required for my CERT class. I have two I need to pass and one is done, the other-YIKES. It’s a mess, it’s confusing and I was getting frustrated. For someone who is a skilled multi-tasker, having to remove ALL noise, all distractions this is tough. I was ready to bawl, I just wasn’t getting it. I did have a documentary playing for girls so it wasn’t the best environment.

While THAT happened, she came and said there was water pouring from the kitchen ceiling. As if there was a faucet in the ceiling, running. Oh hell, it really was-was the washer leaking?! No! I ran upstairs to find what can only be described as a waterfall (maybe imagine a 5 gal bucket being poured) coming through a light fixture on the ceiling in our laundry room. Hot water at that. Thankfully the light itself wasn’t on but HOLY CRAP what do I do?!

I called the zombie killer in a total panic asking what to do. Yes I realize this should’ve been common sense and is something that is taught in my CERT class-turn off the water! I throw the chest freezer out of my way, slam the fridge over and open the water heater closet in the kitchen and grab the top two yellow handled shut off valves and pull them down. Run back upstairs and see nothing had changed so jumped on top of the washer and dryer to reach behind and turn off the water valves there. Yes they are tall-the type sitting atop the bottom drawers.

Finally the water has slowed, it’s still pouring from the light fixture and the drywall seams on the ceiling but it’s slowing. We have every towel and bucket in the house on the floor either catching water or soaking it up. Our neighbor comes by to see if he can help (called by Mr.) and by this time its more or less under control and it’s a matter of clean up.

I later realize a few things;

  • since our house was at one point TWO apartments it has a total of four shut off handles by the water heater-I hadn’t shut off the lower handles. This wasn’t an issue but I did turn them off just in case.
  • I turned off the entire panel while the water was coming in the light since it had affected the upper electrical circuit and the kitchen light circuit. This lead to inability to use our house phone-unable to get ahold of the man until I realized and turned it back on.
  • I forgot our prepper ‘hobby’ has served us well. Our water is STILL off-until we can get the pipe fixed which means no drinking water, no wash water, no flushing, so on. ZK is going by Lowes tomorrow to pick up the pipes and such on his way from work.  I have a decent amount of water stored so we’re fine in that area. Also with our rain barrels there is more availability of water-dirty but it works to flush toilets.

After it’s under control and really it’s a waiting game for daddy to get home and go into the attic to assess the damage another friend came by to see if she could help. He had called her and forgot to call and say it was under control. Nice to see we have people who will respond at the drop of a hat but I do feel bad she wasted her time and gas coming by to check on on the situation.

Turns out the hot water line of our copper piping had indeed frozen. If you remember the last time the girls decided to ‘paint’ their bathroom they had been band from using it. No showers, sink, toilet they had to come downstairs since they couldn’t respect their areas. Well with the water sitting in the pipes it cooled, expanded, and destroyed. Four (so far) places are destroyed and need repair. The ‘sad’ thing is I argued it couldn’t be a frozen pipe since the water coming from the leak was hot and we had used the washer that day! We use cold water to wash laundry so that side hadn’t frozen as it was frequently used, the hot water was dumping from our water heater. Another reason it has to stay off. If we try to refill with hot water into a cold heater it’s going to blow the element and –no hot water.

Needless to say this entire day has been awful. So awful that I’ve passed the point of being angry and gotten to the ‘special kind of stupid’ where you can only laugh. Not angry, no upset you really can’t do anything but laugh, not even cry out of frustration. A rare mental state for me.

I finally got around to make some venison burgers (no time for the meatloaf I wanted to make) and mashed potato and turned on King Arthur and Doom. It’s almost 10pm now, I haven’t read my book, I haven’t written in my journal. Just the entire day is FUBAR-so as I said, do over tomorrow?


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One thought on “Birthday-no, today is NOT my birthday!!

  1. lafemmet January 24, 2013 at 5:05 am Reply

    I cannot like this post. I think that would be just rude. But I can say, I have been there. Though, not on my BDay. My upstairs neighbors pipes broke a very long time ago. I couldn’t turn off the water, bc it wasn’t from my apt. I was literally almost killed by a section of ceiling that was about 4 feet by 6 feet and a foot thick heavily saturated with water. I had walked under it just before it fell. All kinds of stress ensued. because it took time to fix everything. Best to keep your laugh at everything coping mechanism going. I do not envy you. Let me know when you decide to celebrate your bday, and send me your address!

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