3 ways to NOT fall asleep…when you want too!

  1. Getting out of bed to make yourself a cup of herbal tea. Chamomile right? Seems like a great idea-it’s not! Don’t do it! Do not get out of that bed for a sleep aid unless it’s a pharmaceutical!
  2. Cell, iPad, laptop, etc-maybe you’re like me; you sleep better when the TV is on. Just having noise, or a bit of mindless surfing. Guess what-not tonight! It’s going to keep you awake!
  3. Reading or writing. You have so many ideas when you’re in bed don’t you? So why not start writing them down, it makes sense; maybe if you get them on paper you’ll be able to sleep? Go ahead…take those notes. You’ll wind up sitting w/ a notebook in your lap trying to write more than that short idea you had.

Now how DO you fall asleep? You’re not going too. You accept it, lay there, get comfy and plan to have a terrible day. You can hope in the hours of boredom ahead you’ll finally sleep only to realize your alarm is going to go off in an hour and THAT would be worse than no sleep.


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