Pagan Blog Project-B is for Baking

pbp3You’re probably thinking to yourself, what exactly does baking have to do with Paganism? Quite a bit; imagine the old spooky witch hunched over her cauldron stiring away with steam wafting around her. Now imagine the last time you made a big pot of homemade soup. Ah ha, you got it now. First I’m going to go over a bit of information and then we’ll have the real fun…baking oatmeal cookies!

We don’t make a fuss with elaborate rituals and separate times to practice. Any time you can interject beliefs and activities into daily life is all the better. A perfect option for those like us who aren’t part of a group. Spirituality isn’t a one way activity, when you’re reaching out to connect or to manifest your goals the energies, spirits, Gods, whatever you call them, will be reaching right back. The more often you incorporate such practice the stronger your communication will be, even the most boring task can be turned into a sacred act.

  • Consider simple ingredients; herbs and their properties, these can be combined into so many meals that correspond to your purpose.
  • Place a hearth goddess statue, or image in your kitchen. Some also choose to leave offerings (or not as you’re inclined).
  • Don’t forget basic motions such as stirring, desoil or widdershin (clockwise or counter clockwise) depending on the goal. Clockwise to bring something, counter clockwise to push it away-banishing.
  • You can follow Feng Shui principals as well, such as placing a plant next to the sink to prevent money going down the drain. There is also a lot of elemental consideration in this practice.
  • The meals you prepare in honor of ancestors for Samhain are a perfect example of kitchen witchery.
  • Taking time to truly appreciate the ingredients, the gifts from nature. Feeding ourselves healthy meals, even better if you can grow the ingredients. These simple acts honor the Earth and show appreciation for such gifts.

NOW…the fun part!


These oatmeal cookies turned out FABULOUS! Tasted a bit more like sugar cookies than I expected but they are being gobbled at an unfortunate rate. I suspect our next few days tea parties will be a battle against the Zombie Killer for treats.

Click on the link underlining the oatmeal cookies and you’ll find the original blogger’s recipe for them.


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